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How much do you share about your sex life with your friends and family?

Discussion in 'Tilted Life and Sexuality' started by fresnelly, Apr 19, 2012.

  1. Snake Eater

    Snake Eater Vertical

    I am not particularly secretive about my love life, but I don't run around bragging about it either.

    I will joke around with friends from time to time, but the subject simply doesn't come up during normal conversation with my parents.
  2. snowy

    snowy so kawaii Staff Member Donor

    Just saw my bestie this weekend, and it's funny how what we talk about has changed. The longer we've been in our relationships (she's going on 10 years, we're going on 7), the less we talk about sex. We used to talk about it quite a bit when we were younger, but I was having more escapades then. Her boyfriend (also a very good friend of mine) occasionally makes jokes, and he will talk about it when she's not around, but there too it is a lot less than we used to talk about it.
  3. SuburbanZombie

    SuburbanZombie Housebroken

    Never because:
    1- We don't talk of such things in my family.
    2 - No friends
    3 - Wouldn't be a lot to talk about.
  4. Ayashe

    Ayashe Getting Tilted

    I cannot think of any reason I would need to discuss sex with any of my family. It is not because we aren't close either.. there simply is no reason to.

    Discussions about sex was the giggly-teenage girl thing.. the thing you talked about and giggled because it was either new or uncharted territory, one had been there done that and you were curious or had to share it with someone. Also, now we have the ever growing spectrum of wisdom to stupidity known as the internet to answer our delicate questions more anonymously. Other than that it has been a rare younger friend asking a question which was generally not too graphic.

    I don't particularly want my best friend/mom/next door neighbor/mailman etc to know whether I use silk or cotton ropes, whips, what kind of lube I use or ogling my guy and pondering our graphic sexual life together. I would rather they be jealous about him giving me a foot massage and bringing me tea after work than thinking of him between the sheets.
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  5. afragilesheep

    afragilesheep New Member

    My wife and I have one set of married friends who know almost everything about us and share almost everything about themselves. Its actually nice to talk with someone and not have to sensor yourself. We just talk open and honestly about everything.
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  6. Tophat665

    Tophat665 Slightly Tilted

    My parents, by virtue of being grandparents, are aware that my wife and I have sex. I am aware that my mother's parents almost never did, and that My dad's dad was a horndog who diddled his secretary. My kids are aware that there are things going on in the bedroom that they want no part of knowing about, and have been advised when obnoxious about it that, "Your mother and I are going to have sex." (Which leads to screaming and running away.) The wife & I have one set of married friends with whom we share details (wouldn't surprise me if we got together with them at some point), and a group that was with us on our trip to Jamaica that get broad outlines when it comes up. My best friend & I discuss it's place in a relationship sometime, but never specifics (he and I have both pulled each other through rough patches in our respective marriages). My wife's best friend and she discuss gory details from time to time (I don't participate except by innuendo). Then, of course, there's you folks.

    Other than that, it's not really anyone's business.
  7. aabbccbbaa2

    aabbccbbaa2 Vertical

    power of the internet isn't it, makes "talking" about these things so much easier...
  8. shanifaye

    shanifaye Dominissive

    Lilburn, GA
    Because of our lifestyle, it comes up constantly with our friends, we are very open and the "oddity" so people that are curious about BDSM know they can ask us questions and get answers. Both of our sets of parents know of our lifestyle and make the occasional joke, but its not "discussed"
  9. Xerxes

    Xerxes Bulking.

    "Hey mom, you wouldn't believe the night I had yesterday!" **Hi5!**

    Yeah, I share almost nothing about my life with my family. Myfriends seem to know only who I am dating at the time.

    That's about it.
  10. itwasme

    itwasme But you'll never prove it.

    under your bed...
    I don't have one at he moment. When I did, I didn't talk to friends and family about it. I prefer to keep them out of my bedroom. My kids are on a need to know basis, and have told me they do not WANT more details than they are asking.
    My mother and aunt very open, but I change the subject because I really don't want to hear about my aunt slipping out the dentures before... Uh, no, I don't talk to them about it.
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  11. fflowley

    fflowley Don't just do something, stand there!

    Wow, can you somehow do a mind-erase trick on me so I never remember the imagery that conjured up?
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  12. Xerxes

    Xerxes Bulking.

    Eye Bleach
  13. Mysugarcane

    Mysugarcane Vertical

    OMG talk about it with my parents??? God no! I tell people that's why I didn't have any kids because then my dad would know for sure that I wasn't a virgin. Human sexuality has never been on the table for discussion in my family, not even with my sister really.

    I do have a BFF of 30+ years with whom I can share anything and we do share a lot of explicit details and I have a cousin who is very open and we share a lot as well. I used to be more of an open book...if someone appeared to be sharing personal things about themselves in conversatios I was easily drawn into the sharing frenzy, but now I'm more guarded especially with new people.
  14. Shayla560

    Shayla560 Vertical

    Sedona Arizona
    We're all pretty open in my family it's not really a big deal, same with friends most of them talk openly as well. If one of my friends dosnt talk about there sex life I won't talk about mine with them though.
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  15. ralphie250

    ralphie250 Fully Erect Donor

    Jonesboro ga
    It don't bother me. My friends know that my wife is not a sexual being. So the running joke with them all is when I'm in an abnormally good mood is that I beat off last night. Lol

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  16. Herculite

    Herculite Very Tilted

    Family - No one ever talks about it.

    Vanilla friends - Think we are extremely boring.

    Swinger Friends - Have seen us naked.

    With friends, there are going to be some you can be open with, some you can't, and some you hope really never want to be open about their sex life.

    With family I'm sure it varies, my family wasn't sexually conservative, it was sexually don't ask don't tell.
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  17. Wildmermaid

    Wildmermaid Very Tilted

    Pacific Northwest
    I draw, paint, and sculpt naked people and just about everyone I know is aware of that. *laugh* Some really enjoy that and it seems to help them relax a bit, others know more than they would like :rolleyes: but I warn them and do use NSFW filters. One of my cousins went through a phase where she wanted to know how females have sex which each other which made me laugh, and try to educate her on that front. She's quite straight so we never could see eye to eye. Another cousin who is very close has been my confidant and I his, primarily when we were young to early 30s.

    Friends yep yep if they sharing and there is a mutual respect and never details that would hurt or shame anyone though.
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  18. Azharen

    Azharen Getting Tilted

    Springfield, OR
    Depends on the friend and the partners involved.
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  19. Japchae

    Japchae Very Tilted Donor

    Nothing any more.
    I don't talk with anyone about it.
  20. MrMD069

    MrMD069 Very Tilted Donor

    We'd share a lot more if we had any friends. Family only gets hints now and then.