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I built a Flying V!

Discussion in 'Tilted Art, Photography, Music & Literature' started by Snoogans, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. Snoogans

    Snoogans Getting Tilted

    Uppsala, Sweden
    ...for the kids.. out of cardboard.

    Is this the forum for DIY's? Figured I took photos of something I created which is a copy of something you make music with so.. Anyhoo..

    I saw this thing a while ago. And thought it was creative and cute. My kids HATE when I play guitar (because I suck..bad), but maybe this would get them to play with me!

    I had to kick it up a notch though..

    I found this on google,
    by some dude named jonman94 on Deviantart. I searched for a way to make it into a vector, since it is too small for what I had planned.
    I found a program called "inkscape". I barely understand the program, but I managed to get this out of it:

    I loaded it up in GIMP, and sized it to approx. 60 cm long (figured that'd be a good size for a three/five-yearold), and colored it:

    My desk at work has direct access to a A1-printer, so that step was amazingly easy.

    I found a discarded cardboard-box, glued one of the images onto it and started cutting two pieces (only one glued though). I used rubber bands I already had that were smaller than the ones in the guide, so I couldn't run them all the way up the neck.
    I decided to shorten the playable part to the body, that is really the part that matters.


    With the strings mounted, it was time to glue the two cardboard parts together. I used shitty glue-stick so I had to use electrical tape to really seal them together.


    And now we're ready to rock!

    Time: A couple of brakes at work, if you can find all needed materials at work.

    Lessons learned for version 2:
    Buy longer rubberbands
    The ink smudges a bit, seal with hairspray?
    Use better glue/gluegun
    maybe three or more layers of cardboard/stiffer cardboard?, I doubt it will hold for long when I bring it home.
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  2. genuinemommy

    genuinemommy Moderator Staff Member

    That looks so fun!!!
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  3. AlterMoose

    AlterMoose Slightly Tilted

    Hot shit, dude! That looks righteous!
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  4. retrogunslinger

    retrogunslinger Vertical

    Asheville, NC
    You may not be a rock star, but you are a great father. Bravo.
  5. Snoogans

    Snoogans Getting Tilted

    Uppsala, Sweden