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I have a fetish of being watched while pleasuring myself. Any thoughts?

Discussion in 'Tilted Life and Sexuality' started by Jjjpppccc, Feb 22, 2015.

  1. matelot New Member

    As a boy I was quite often watched doing that, not as an adult though
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    Watching a woman in orgasm is a real turn on in many ways more exciting than ones own orgasm
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  2. aabbccbbaa2

    aabbccbbaa2 Vertical

    i have enjoyed reading this post... as i experience quite the same pleasure during webcamsex. I really like it to look at woman who tell me what to do... and mostly that is "sit back, relax, pull your pants down and play with yourself..."
    I have 1 female friend who i met many years ago and she really likes me playing... so we often webcam on facebook and enjoy mutual masturbation... now and then I login on a webcamsite, but that's expensive since not all girls really enjoy being there so it's not always that much fun on the other side... as said before, it's a big turn on if you see the expression on the girls face that she gets a kick looking at you...

    Your experience irl in hotelrooms would be one step further for me, but damn i would love to do it myself... must be awesome and a big turn on
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  3. roblincoln

    roblincoln Vertical

    Fort Worth
    My wife and I are both a little exhibitionistic and voyeuristic. There are times when we both enjoy masturbating for the other, as well as watching. Sometimes, it's as much foreplay for us as anything else, watching each other, hearing the passion in our breathing and in our voices, watching the pleasure grown on each others' faces. Can be very powerful.

    She is bi, and has now and then indulged in the same with other women, sometimes with me around to watch; more often with me not around. While I certainly enjoying when we share, I don't feel a compelling need to be around at every sexual moment she has.

    Mostly, we do such things in the privacy of our home, but there have been times, also, when we're out in public, and we'll duck into a partially or fully secluded nook for a little fun time. A little risk of discovery can be a powerful aphrodisiac.
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  4. Sargam

    Sargam Vertical

    Fantasy is good nothing wrong with it.
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  5. ralphie250

    ralphie250 Fully Erect Donor

    Jonesboro ga
    id watch anyone masterbate
  6. DB750 New Member

    I'm a pleaser so if she's enjoys watching me then I'm happy and turned on. I like masturbating for a girl but it's sometimes hard to keep it from quickly turning into sex.

    One of my favorite memories was from ages ago when cam sites weren't huge yet....hell having a webcam wasn't common either. I was on ICQ (remember that?) and some random woman hit me up. She said she usually cammed with some guy and would masturbate for him. That night he wasn't available but she still wanted to play with herself for someone. Of course I agreed and soon I was watching a close up of her pussy. She started to get really into it and I was already touching myself so I figured I would share, so I turned on my cam. It was a pleasant surprise for her and she really enjoyed watching me. We finished within moments of each other. After she told me that it was a one time thing she disappeared. And I never did hear from her again.
  7. Frankie

    Frankie Getting Tilted

    New England
    I grew up next door to 3 very beautiful girls(sisters) the houses were very very close together and it was completely by accident when one night I realized I was being watched by one or more of the sisters. I decided to give them something to see and would stand in front of the window naked and stroke myself while they watched. From that day things changed in the way they acted in my presence. I’m sure they enjoyed the show as they continued to watch almost every night. I still run into them from time to time and I always get a sexy knowing smile from them.
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  8. ralphie250

    ralphie250 Fully Erect Donor

    Jonesboro ga
    maybe they still think about it
  9. Frankie

    Frankie Getting Tilted

    New England
    I’m almost positive they do. I know I do.