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Jamestown Cannibals

Discussion in 'Found on the Net' started by TheSurgeOn, May 1, 2013.

  1. TheSurgeOn

    TheSurgeOn Getting Tilted

  2. Fangirl

    Fangirl Very Tilted

    Yes it is being reported in the US of A. It's been rumoured for some time.
    What do I think of it? Well, we don't have much to be scared of now.
    They were in a famine. They resorted to murder and cannibalism.
    Early settlers did a lot of disdainful things, desperate people do them, too. <shrug>
  3. snowy

    snowy so kawaii Staff Member Donor

    Pretty much. The half of me that pretends to be a historian just kinda shrugged.
  4. Fremen

    Fremen Allright, who stole my mustache? Donor

    E. Texas
    I'd probably eat a vegan just to thin the herd.
  5. Since there is no like button, you get quoted.

    Good job. :D
  6. Lindy

    Lindy Moderator Staff Member

    I've heard that they taste kind of like chicken.
  7. Borla

    Borla Moderator Staff Member Donor

    Well, cows taste better when they are grass fed... *hmm*
  8. It's the summer cannibals that you have to worry about.
    We're all about 4 weeks away from the winter variety.
  9. Remixer

    Remixer Middle Eastern Doofus Donor

    Frankfurt, Germany
    Absolutely killed me. :D
  10. Speed_Gibson

    Speed_Gibson Hacking the Gibson Donor

    Wolf 359
    So the fat vegans who sat there watching the Jeremiah Springer show showing the scandalous woman who dared to show ankles....ANKLES I tell you.......were the first to go?

    I did hear about this during my long drive today, something the skeleton of a roughly 14 year old that showed signs of such things.Of course they had the opposing view aired as well saying there was not enough conclusive evidence to say it actually happened.
  11. ASU2003

    ASU2003 Very Tilted Donor

    Where ever I roam
    You do what you have to in order to survive...but still, I would have thought that they could have found some other food or gone fishing. There should have been turkeys and deer around too.
  12. mixedmedia

    mixedmedia ...

    People are always shocked when people resort to cannibalism, yet in virtually every scenario like this that has ever gone down in history - people stranded in freezing conditions, without food - it happens. So I tend to think it happens and therefore wonder why this is surprising. Plus, I didn't see any mention of murder in the article. It doesn't say how the girl died. It's probably more likely that she died of starvation.
  13. Fangirl

    Fangirl Very Tilted

    There's debate about the cause of death. Her skull was split from the back and her brain removed. I agree with you, tho. The first thing that came to my mind after reading about Jamestown was the plane crash in the 1970's of an entire soccer team and their families in the Andes mountains. It was winter and it was impossible to do a thorough search. Pretty heartbreaking, as they were given up for dead. There were dead, upon impact, dead later from their injuries and those that died of starvation. There was cannibalism of the dead after excruciating debate. About 15 or so walked, or were carried out "Alive", (the name of the book I read as a kid) when the snows melted late that spring.
    Last edited: May 3, 2013
  14. mixedmedia

    mixedmedia ...

    Yes, but her brain was removed, as they said in the article, for consumption. I'm not sure how they can surmise after all this time whether her skull was cracked before or after death. Sounds possibly like folks trying to make an already dramatic event more dramatical.
  15. Fangirl

    Fangirl Very Tilted

    Certainly the press is doing so. It's the academics debating the how do we really know...? Honestly, sounds like a moot point to me.