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Man of Steel: Superman rebooted

Discussion in 'Tilted Entertainment' started by Baraka_Guru, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. Speed_Gibson

    Speed_Gibson Hacking the Gibson

    Wolf 359
    Haven't seen it but no concern personally on reading about the plot in whatever detail. The snazzy CGI is a given and how "original" can you seriously expect this to be? This kind of film is classic escapism at it's best and best enjoyed with out too much thought.
    I do wish they would pick somewhere different to devastate at times. There are plenty of big cities you can flatten like Louisville or Toronto. When you have superhumans capable of flight do something like "General Whoever" throw the hero where Superman's body itself is what destroys the Arch.
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2013
  2. Levite

    Levite Levitical Yet Funky

    The Windy City
    I thought it was quite good. Not stunningly awesome, like Avengers or Iron Man, but quite good. I thought it was hovering in the area of the Chris Nolan Batman movies. In general, I think DC just doesn't do movies as well as Marvel does-- or comics, for that matter-- but this was one of their best efforts in many years.

    Henry Cavill is, IMO, the best Superman since Christopher Reeve: maybe ever, though I confess I have a soft spot for Tom Welling of Smallville. He's got presence, charisma, the right look, and excellent acting chops. He was so good as Superman I even stopped noticing how much I disliked the revamped Super Suit. The whole cast was great, though I agree that Michael Shannon's Zod, though not actually bad, really just never escaped from the shadow of Terrence Stamp's effortlessly egomaniacal villainy. I was absolutely entertained, and was not taken out of the experience. I thought the story, the script, and the direction were perfectly good enough, though not particularly memorable in and of themselves.

    Was it the Superman movie I might always have hoped for? No, probably not. But I'm not sure that's a reasonable expectation. Especially with DC. But it was good enough that I hope they make another one, and that Cavill is willing to do a JLA project as well.
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  3. Fangirl

    Fangirl Very Tilted

    I saw it. Very much enjoyed it.
    I cut my teeth on DC comics (because at age 5, my dad chose). I've seen lot of comic book permutations of Superman and all the Superman movies (except for the one just prior to this one). I liked this Superman more than Chris Reeve because he was more vulnerable and way sexier and Henry Cavill is not stiff as a board when he acts. He's really good and I would watch a sequel.

    I really liked Hans Zimmer's soundtrack.

    I enjoyed that there was drama between action sequences. Loved Diane Lane and Russell Crowe in particular, and the supporting cast was very strong, especially Chris Meloni.

    Yes. Tons of debate on the last 20 mins., which involved the fight sequence between the murderous Zod and Superman. Very true that they made a mess of things and thousands of people probably died but this is a very young Superman who hasn't fully-formed his 'code.' His choice in killing Zod was a no-brainer as Zod was about to kill a cluster of people. Crashing through about 20 buildings while fighting Zod was a no-brainer as well--as in a mistake that he probably would chose not to repeat.

    Very solid summer blockbuster film. Better than Iron Man III, IMO, and I liked Iron Man III.

    Note: The 3-D sucked--don't pay extra for it.
  4. omega

    omega Very Tilted

    While Stamp may have been interesting chewing up the scenery he wasn't very interesting as a bad guy. This Zod was the tragic monster who thought he was doing the right thing. Sure, there was no redemption for him, but he always felt he was doing the right thing. So to me he was the more compelling Zod. Every movie has great special effects, so I don't really count those anymore. And I was thinking the same thing fangirl was before I read her post. Superman spent his whole life hiding. Maybe his moral code was a little shaky. And one other compelling point about that. He spends his whole life wondering who he is, and then in the course of a few days he finds out he is from a far superior race, he is one of the last twenty or so left, he has the ability to recreate his entire race, and he has to destroy a man who was also a confidant of his unknown father. So yeah, I liked this version.
  5. rogue49

    rogue49 Tech Kung Fu Artist Staff Member

    I thought it was awesome.

    They gave a much better rational as to why Jor-El wasn't able to save more on Krypton.
    A less ambiguous reason why Zod was a baddie.
    LL while not black-haired had the big-balls attitude and was intelligent, cunning and able to figure things out...as you would expect for a top reporter.
    Sorry, I liked the destruction...it was more realistic when you've got power vs. power fighting.

    Cavill, played Superman perfectly.
    He's got the face, hair, eyes, moves and more to hit the look dead on.
    And I'm sure that those who like well-built men will like him too. ;) (me, I only hope I can get back to that level)

    They made Kryptonians more alien like...not just "mystical" sci-fi. His mother there had a bit more bite than just being complacent.
    They showed Kal-El/Clark learning to be Superman...with mistakes, not just some transformation...why the suit looks the way it does.
    Even how his Earth father Kent died was a bit less blah. Although his ma, Martha has got to be the most Zen person I've seen.

    A very thrilling and visual movie that hit all the right emotional buttons.
    Great Summer Movie. :cool:
  6. Jove

    Jove Slightly Tilted

    Enjoyable film, but the fights were a bit cartoonish like they came straight out of Dragon Ball Z. I wonder if Superman works out with Wolverine? (referencing how Cavill is built like Jackman).

    Side note: Did Cavill's face change to Christopher Reeves face for a few seconds while he was going up the white beam when he was trying to destroy the gravity device?
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2013
  7. Manic

    Manic Getting Tilted

    "It’s not until the very end of Man of Steel’s third-act battle, where the stakes grow smaller and much more intimate, that Superman truly seems to become emotional about the lives in danger, and that’s a moment that blockbuster filmmakers could learn a lot from: There’s no need to robotically kill faceless millions when a single character in jeopardy will always prove more galvanizing. Instead of trying to top the mayhem in Man of Steel next year — instead of continuing to mine one of the worst days in American history for a series of wowser trailer moments — can we give the pummeled buildings a break and find creative new obstacles for our heroes to overcome? Please, let’s have a summer-movie spectacle we don’t have to wince at."

    From a very insightful article about Man of Steel, violence and the invocation of 9/11 in blockbuster films.

    I'm surprised so many people here liked the movie. Superman smiles, maybe once? Two plus hours and there's what - two jokes in the whole thing? Joyless dreck. Uggh.
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2013
  8. Charlatan

    Charlatan sous les pavés, la plage

    Manic I read that article too and agreed with it for the most part. They could have left off with, not inconsiderable, damage done by the Planet Engine and just moved the climactic battle to another location.

    On the whole, I did like the film and thought it was more of a graphic novel than comic book adaptation of Superman (hence the darker tone). The needlessly massive destruction aside, I thought the film worked.
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  9. KirStang

    KirStang Something Patriotic.

    Eh. Didn't like it much.

    Story was disjointed--the flashback sequences didn't work for me. Not like say, Mr. Manhattan's flashback in Watchmen.

    A lot of shit didn't make sense. Kryptonians had the ability to create spaceships and warp drives but chose to get blown up with their planets. Child-Superman pretending to be Superman (near the end) before Superman came in to existence. Superman can't stand the Kryptonian atmosphere but somehow survives fine in the void of space with--hello--NO atmosphere. General Zod can stand being thrown through a steel structure, but is killed with a simple snap of the neck.

    In contrast to Christopher Nolan's prior films, which painted relate-able themes of subconscious guilt (Inception), or, evil corrupting good (Batman), I couldn't quite relate to any theme in this movie.

    At least the Military terminology was spot on. I liked how the A-10 pilots gave final attack headings and had to be cleared by the forward air controllers. Chis Meloni's character was also memorable.
  10. Xerxes

    Xerxes Bulking.

    I can address some of these.

    Kryptonians were indeed powerful and knowledgeable in the creation of planets but it seems Jor-El massively crippled them when he took the genetic codex. As I gather from the film it was very difficult creating a world machine and it took generations of Kryptonians to establish colonies across the 26 known galaxies (from the comic books). Without the codex they couldn't sustain a sizeable portion of their population and were since destroyed. Also remember Kryptonians were copies of copies and I am assuming here that very few of them could spawn.

    With the inclusion of the genesis chamber that Jor-El supplied Kal-El with it appears he wanted Kal-El to recreate Krypton with humanoids but with a much wiser population unburdened by the greed for power that Krypton suffered from which lead to their demise.

    Superman has survived briefly in the void of space a lot in both the comics and the TV show. The atmosphere in Krypton renders superman mortal and since he has already adapted to Earths atmosphere then what happened the first time he got to a Kryptonian atmosphere makes sense.

    The neck (at least in humans) to be the most structurally vulnerable part of the body. Once snapped it instantly disables all functions like an off switch. Even though the rules of death don't apply to Superman as they do to us (Superman Vs. Doomsday) it appears that a broken neck is sure fire way to kill a super powered Kryptonian. Think of it the same way you'd go about killing Claire Bennet from Heroes or Sylar after he took her powers.