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Nikon D610 users?

Discussion in 'Tilted Art, Photography, Music & Literature' started by cis689, Apr 18, 2014.

  1. cis689

    cis689 Slightly Tilted

    Hey Guys,

    Just looking to see if we have any real world experience with this camera. I've been shooting Sony for quite some time now but my upgrade path is a bit noisey (in low light situations :) - The reivews of the FX D610 are quite impressive and making me think about jumping that pond.

    yo Thoughts?

    (opps - Just seen /Gear - Mods move me if needed -- sorry)
  2. Stan

    Stan Resident Dumbass

    Looks good to me.

    I just bought a D7100, I looked at the 610; but I really didn't want to replace my every day lens Nikon 17-55mm f2.8 DX
    Seems to have similar characteristics, low light on my camera is very good, I'd asume the 610 is better.
  3. cis689

    cis689 Slightly Tilted

    I shoot alpha lenes now and that is my debate about jumping the pond, is having to buy all new lenses, FX lenses at that.... That Sony A7 sure does look nice!

  4. Jaziz New Member

    Czech Republic
    I do own D610. I use it for portrait, product and concert photography. My previous camera was D90. The main difference between these two is the ISO performance of D610 and the resolution (12MP vs 24MP). The results are definitely better on the D610 (tested with 50mm 1.8D and Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 EX DG APO HSM). I bought it because of the ISO performance on low light. There is one thing I still fight with - blurred photos due to camera/hands shaking however that can be compensated by using shorter shooting times. Was thinking about buying a D810 instead of D610 but decided for D610 due to the fact that I do not need that high of a resolution (D810 has 36MP).
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  5. cis689

    cis689 Slightly Tilted

    Ever seen the reviews on the Sony a7s? Amazing low light camera, does have its drawbacks as well however.
  6. Jaziz New Member

    Czech Republic
    I've seen that video. That is pretty awesome low light performance. However I did not want to change brands (because of lens and some other accessories).
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  7. cis689

    cis689 Slightly Tilted

    That'll do it :p
  8. pWf

    pWf Getting Tilted

    Thats the problem i see with a video demonstrating high ISO. Its always in an ideal situation sitting on a tripod and very little movement.
    I currently shoot with a Nikon D7000, I have to say I love it. I can share some of the low light stuff I shoot with it. I shoot A LOT of concerts. I am actually looking at the D800 as an upgrade. I like the higher resolution because I like to be able to crop as I wish. However from what I have read I loose a little in the low light over the 610. Let me also say, the guy at the camera store I frequent hates digital, still shoots weddings and portraits with strictly film, and he had to use the 610 in a pinch recently, and its the first camera that he has said he liked that was digital. LOL He's VERY opinionated!
    But there is my quick info. Hope it helps. It seems there are so many "Photographers" now, and most do not know the basic fundamentals of their camera, but try to talk like they do. It can be VERY hard to weed out the BS!
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    Here is a link to my page, all where shot with the Nikon D7000. It also has a link to my Facebook page where I have tons more pictures.

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  9. Speed_Gibson

    Speed_Gibson Hacking the Gibson

    Wolf 359
    Those people that give you a deer in the headlight look if you mention things like F Stops , the exposure triangle or ask if they ever shoot on anything but auto.
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  10. cis689

    cis689 Slightly Tilted


    Very cool shot!

    Interesting you should bring up the point about the AF on the A7s, that is what really led me to the new A77 m2. Super fast AF and much much better noise levels at higher ISOs. So far so good! :p
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  11. pWf

    pWf Getting Tilted

    Thanks, Butcher Babies put on one hell of a show, and she is a sweetheart! Even if the music isn't really my thing!