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On Suzy Favor Hamilton and escorting

Discussion in 'Tilted Life and Sexuality' started by the_jazz, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. the_jazz

    the_jazz Accused old lady puncher

    I originally read about this on one of running sites I still occasionally read. The original story is here if you haven't read it:

    U.S. Olympian's Secret Life As Las Vegas Escort | The Smoking Gun

    Full disclosure - I have had a gigantic crush on Suzy Favor Hamilton since high school. In college, one of my friends had a borderline unhealthy obsession with her. I met her in 1994 and 1995 and barely managed to get a word out of my mouth since I was absolutely awestruck by her beauty. She is, in many ways, the physical pinnacle of womanhood in my mind.

    In my personal opinion, though, she's dumb as a rock.

    That stated, the recent news about her brought some interesting questions to the forefront of my mind. First, is there really a victim in this? She did this knowing full well what it meant and apparently with the knowledge (but not the support) of her husband.

    I have very divergent feelings about prostitution. On one hand, I find the concept of agencies, pimps and "hands in the till" utterly abhorrent. They are almost unanimously bad actors. But I don't have any problem at all with sex workers, like Suzy Favor Hamilton, who enter the trade with eyes open and willingly. I see a vast difference between the two camps, with one that needs to be illegal and the other that should be legalized. I understand the stigma (but don't necessarily agree with it) that is attached to women who enter the trade, but I think that should largely be erased since almost all of us enjoy sex, and I don't see a real issue with paying for it.

  2. She is kind of hot, especially for her age. But $600/hour? For that amount, I'd expect an Olympic gymnast or maybe a figure skater.....

    But seriously, it is a victimless crime unless pimps and the like are involved. What she does with her body is really her choice. If someone wants to pay her for the use of her body and she consents, is it all that bad? Most of all I feel sad for her. To be where she was, married and raising a daughter, what went wrong that created the need to do this and not something else? I know she has her reasons, but those aren't unique reasons to her and very few others resort to what she did at her time and position in life. Really is more sad than anything else.
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2012
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  3. ASU2003

    ASU2003 Very Tilted

    Where ever I roam
    In some alternative universe, where there are no long-term relationships, love, or disease...and every sexual encounter requires payment of some sort, then sure. And if we all lived as singles, yet could pay to have sex from anyone at anytime, that would be an interesting world.

    It isn't the sex for money that bothers me, it is the sex for money from lots of different guys that bothers me. It's the fact that her husband didn't leave her after he found out about this that bothers me. How many sex workers try to hide their wild years between 18-25 later and become 'normal' housewives? I might be far to the left on many issues, but this one I think the conservatives are right on in the long term and for the good of society.

    Sex in Exchange for Gifts and Cash? What It's Like to Sleep With Wealthy Older Men for Financial Support | Alternet

    Why I Found it Exciting to Have Sex for Money -- And Why I Stopped | Alternet

    Lots of blame to go around for why it happens, guys are horny, drugs, money, easy money, psychological issues, self-esteem issues, sex-ed doesn't cover much, teenagers don't know how to be in lasting relationships, better lifestyle...
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  4. snowy

    snowy so kawaii Staff Member

    Pretty much.

    Personally, it smells of midlife crisis to me, but it's her decision.
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  5. warrrreagl

    warrrreagl Slightly Tilted

    Land of cotton.
    Midlife crisis coupled with diminishing celebrity recognition. She spent a significant amount of formative time having people worship her body and charisma, and that's pretty heady stuff to have to give up for some people. If she were only in it for the sex, she could have kept her mouth shut. It's pretty clearly evident that she received her reinforcement from the shock value of telling clients who she was.
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  6. coupled with depression and the need to feel validated like she did back in the late 90's.

    prostitution? meh. Her choice, her body.

    pimps?..they should all be shot.

    i dont understand why her client wanted to out her so badly. I can only think of bragging rights?

    at $600 an hr, no hole is worth that much money
  7. Levite

    Levite Levitical Yet Funky

    The Windy City
    I am not a fan of prostitution, from the perspective of emotional and spiritual health. To me, it just does not seem healthy to mind and soul to reduce sexual intimacy to a business transaction.

    However, it has been around forever, and is clearly not going anywhere; and I also believe that consenting adults should basically have unrestricted freedom to do whatever they like with their bodies, sexually, so long as no lasting physical harm is done. So I believe that prostitution should be entirely legal, regardless of my personal opinions about its psychoemotional quality.

    Do I think this woman seems to have intimacy issues, self-worth issues, chronic lack of validation or inability to validate internally, trust issues, and probably a few other neuroses I couldn't spot off the bat? Absolutely. Is she, apparently, dumber than a box of rocks for revealing her true identity to random johns? Absolutely.

    However, fortunately or unfortunately, people have the right to be wacko, and they have the right to be stupid. And it sounds like for whatever reason, she has manifested a deep-seated exhibitionism and sexual risk-related addiction, the both of which must be stimulated for her to achieve maximum gratification; and while I may believe that may be unhealthy as all get-out, I am not inclined to judge someone else's consensual sexual behavior.

    Prostitution issues aside, I also confess I don't get it. She's kind of MILFy, though she's way too athletic and buffed out (and bleached blonde) for my tastes: she looks like she kind of needs a sandwich. I like a girl who's got some curves, and I like 'em natural. Even if I were the type of dude to pay a girl for sex, I'd never drop six hundred bucks (presumably plus tip) on a chick like this.
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  8. Alistair Eurotrash

    Reading, UK
    I don't see prostitution as victimless OR a crime.

    There are many forms of prostitution and I think that the men and women who engage in it are the ones who are the victims.

    The major part of the "victim-hood" comes from the stigma and I don't think that is fair. Empathy is better than judgement and we all make choices based on the choices available to us at the time. The other way in which I prostituition as harmful lies in the reduction of intimacy to a personal service. I think it is harmful to do that - there is a cost associated with it and with the dissociation it requires. I don't think it needs to do permanent harm but there are very few women (or men) who come out of it happy that they prostituted themselves. Those who claim to be happy are, I think, in denial.

    I certainly don't see any reason for it to be a criminal offence. Criminalisation can (and does) only make things worse. It is a dangerous job that requires dealing with some very unpleasant types of people (no, not all clients are bad - but there is a reason many Johns want to feel they have bought the prostitute and the potential for assault and abuse is real). It doesn't matter what type of prostitution we are talking about. So-called "high class" call girls face the same dangers as street-walkers, if not more so. The "high class" label is a euphemism for "expensive".

    Pimps and their ilk are simply feeding on the misery and do deserve to be criminalised. This includes what is probably the Chief Pimp - the prostitute's drug of choice and the dealers who supply it. I'm less interested in criminalising the user than I am in criminalising the entrepreneur.

    Criminalising the victim doesn't make sense to me. I'd rather live in a world where people aren't in situations where prostitution looks like the least bad or only option.

    As far as this particular woman is concerned, I have no idea. I am glad (for her) that she is moving on. She says she is receiving therapy and I assume therefore that she feels she needs it. That's it, really.
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2012
  9. Cayvmann

    Cayvmann Very Tilted

    I feel bad for her husband. sheeeeeesh
  10. Shadowex3

    Shadowex3 Very Tilted

    I'm with Jazz, which I think is one of the major archetypical stances on the issue. Pimps, sex slavery, and abusers are an abhorrent crime against humanity but what people do with their own bodies is entirely their own business. Plus it's hard for me personally to be against prostitution because for a lot of people it's the only way they'll ever really have sex, and I can't buy into the absurd notion that they should simply never have any anymore than I can someone should never eat or drink.
  11. Joniemack

    Joniemack Beta brainwaves in session

    Reading, UK
    I'd almost feel better if she needed the money. Or did it for free. I'm with whoever it was who was shocked at the price tag.

    Personally, I think she has the face of a horse. Nice body when she was in Olympic shape and not bad now. Even though she's kept herself in good form, everyone, including her, damn well knows it was her name she was cashing in on. If not, why bother "revealing" to her clients that she "was" Suzy Favor Hamilton.

    She is not your typical call girl, escort, prostitute. She's an aging has been celebrity athlete looking to cash in (ego-wise and possibly financially though I doubt she needed the money) on her one time fame. And a middle age woman looking for reassurance that she still "has it". Nothing says it better than having a guy willing to pay for it.

    Sad and Pathetic.

    Sorry but I don't see the point in opening up a discussion about prostitution in a thread about the ego adventures of Suzy Hamilton.
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2012
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  12. Speed_Gibson

    Speed_Gibson Hacking the Gibson

    Wolf 359
    Never have heard of her before but not a surprise considering the only olympic event I have ever watched voluntarily was the original dream team back in '92
  13. ralphie250

    ralphie250 Fully Erect Donor

    At work..
    Do you know what i could do with $600 an hour????

    Not bad lookin though
  14. ASU2003

    ASU2003 Very Tilted

    Where ever I roam
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  15. kattoes

    kattoes New Member

    Why would a man... knowing a female, in this case an employee, ( after ease dropping on stressful phone conversation) offer to help her out of a financial medical problem by dangling the needed amount in exchange for a Blow Job???
    Add financial, medical, and now self esteem issues to all her other problems...
    He knew she was a reliable employee... Why not an advance???
    Why introduce making sex a commodity???

    If it had been the other way around, the money would have been a loan or a gift if possible.
  16. Alistair Eurotrash

    Reading, UK
    Is this in the wrong thread? I'm lost.
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  17. the_jazz

    the_jazz Accused old lady puncher

    That's fine. You don't have to continue the discussion if you don't feel it's necessary.

    Other than her fame, I think that she shares a lot in common with a lot of other high-end escorts, especially if you read the links that ASU2003 posted (thanks, by the way). She was clearly doing this for the excitement and the confirmation that she is attractive. She's admitted as much.

    If you look at other high-end escorts (New York VIP Escorts and Escort VIP's in New York for instance), I think that you'll see that the median hourly rate seems to be $1000 - at least from what I saw. I don't see Ms. Favor Hamilton as necessarily all that much different than any of these women.
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  18. ace0spades

    ace0spades Slightly Tilted

    600 / hour? What? That's like double / triple price. Yes, I know this makes me look suspicious, but I'm a criminology student and did extensive research into the sex trade during my degree. The average price here for a high-quality prostitute in Vancouver, Canada is about 250 per hour.
  19. the_jazz

    the_jazz Accused old lady puncher

    I think that like real estate, it's local. Prices are higher in larger cities. IMHO, I don't think that Vancouver qualifies, and the market there simply wouldn't bear the price.

    But maybe I'm wrong.
  20. warrrreagl

    warrrreagl Slightly Tilted

    Land of cotton.
    That reminds me of the time when I worked at the Auburn athletic dorm on campus in the 80's. We hired a married fisheries student from China as a student worker, and he approached me very seriously one night. "Where do you go around here for prostitute? How much?" he solemnly asked. One of my less-sensitive co-workers overheard the query and burst out, "Fuck, man! It's a college campus! NOBODY pays for it!"

    Obviously, that probably worked in Charles Barkley's favor.
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