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  1. Snoogans

    Snoogans Getting Tilted Donor

    Uppsala, Sweden
    My sister is the biggest Hellraiser-fan, so I made this as a birthday present.

    i inked it on a rough-textured paper with a Pentel brush-pen, scanned it and colored in Gimp.
    Printed on photo-paper.

    I'm actually superproud of this.

    My shine-skills are surely lacking, but this is by far the best drawing I've ever made!

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  2. redravin

    redravin Cynical Optimist Donor

    Awe, he's so cute.
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  3. Wildmermaid

    Wildmermaid Very Tilted Donor

    Pacific Northwest
    @Snoogans that is the cutest version of Pinhead I've ever seen. <3 Great work!