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Podcasts...Are You a Listener?

Discussion in 'Tilted Entertainment' started by redux, Apr 19, 2014.

  1. thejuanald

    thejuanald Vertical

    I really like Radiolab because they tell great stories about many topics from science to history and they do a good job at looking at things in a scientific manner.

    I also used to really enjoy The Joe Rogan Experience, but he tends to get too preachy and it's the same thing over and over a lot of the time.

    Startalk is great but Neil tends to be a bit too narcissistic for me occasionally. Don't get me wrong, I love the guy, but so does he.

    I will definitely check out some of the ones posted here.
  2. PonyPotato

    PonyPotato Very Tilted

    Columbus, OH
    I am a bit of a voracious podcast listener. I got behind on them while I had a 6 minute commute, but I am caught up again now. My favorites:

    This American Life
    Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!
    Ask Me Another
    Hidden Brain
    Fresh Air
    Death, Sex, and Money
    The Longest Shortest Time
    Planet Money
    Stuff You Missed in History Class
    Savage Lovecast (MY FAVORITE)
    The Mortified Podcast
    TED Radio Hour

    I can't wait for Serial to have another season, and also can't wait for Invisibilia to come back. :) I occasionally will pick up an episode or two of the Diane Rehm show on the weekend (I check the feed weekly to see if something really interests me), and I got partway through Welcome to Nightvale before I realized it was putting me REALLY behind on the rest of them.
  3. Taneytown

    Taneytown Guest

    I like true crime podcast
  4. The Moth Podcast (Stories of harrowing and interesting events told by those who lived it.)
    MeatEater w/ Steven Rinella (Discussions about hunting and environment conservation issues)
    Most Useful Podcast Ever (Essentially a Popular Mechanics magazine in a podcast)
    Intelligence Squared U.S Debates (Experts from different fields debate political and philosophical issues; From abortion to global terrorism)
    Black Man With A Gun Show (Reverend Ken Blanchard talks about firearm ownership, civil rights, and the issues that pertain to them)
    The Joe Rogan Experience (Interesting guests but sometimes Joe gets a bit off task and preachy)
    Monday Morning Podcast w/ Bill Burr (A funny guy gripes about sports and political correctness)
  5. redux

    redux Very Tilted

    Foggy Bottom
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  6. Wildmermaid

    Wildmermaid Very Tilted

    Pacific Northwest
    I've always enjoyed This American Life, Fresh Air, and since being a little girl have loved old radio shows like The Black Museum starring Orson Welles -he was my first voice crush- also, X-1, and to some extent the Whistler.

    These days though am listening to Within the Wires (creepyish sci-fi), but almost finished with that one.

    About to start Alice Isn't Dead, The Mysterious Old Radio Listening Society, Lore, Radio Diaries, Sawbones, Welcome to Night Vale, as well as Sound and Vision.

    What are you listening to?
  7. ralphie250

    ralphie250 Fully Erect Donor

    At work..
  8. DamnitAll

    DamnitAll Wait... what?

    Central MD
    A slightly drunken conversation last night with a good friend ended with resolutions—and plans—for us to start a podcast together. I've been toying with the idea of running one for years now but was always stymied by the idea of doing it alone. Assuming he hasn't forgotten what we discussed, I think this could actually work, and work well.

    If it gets off the ground, I'll let you all know.
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  9. Borla

    Borla Moderator Staff Member

    There is a podcast revolving around a particular video game that I play quite a bit. Not a huge audience, but usually several hundred listeners and sometimes up to a few thousand for the more popular episodes. I was interviewed (because I run one of the more well known clans in the game) on an episode early on, which was actually pretty fun. Later they asked me to co-host it when one of the main hosts couldn't be there and we interviewed one of the top Twitch streamers (who makes enough money off of streaming that he doesn't have to work, so it's not small time by any means) for that game. I just did a 3rd episode this week to talk about some potential changes coming to the game. I've really enjoyed being on in each of the roles. Obviously not a massive audience, but having a few thousand consistent listeners is reasonably good success for those guys.
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  10. ralphie250

    ralphie250 Fully Erect Donor

    At work..
    what is the best podcast app for android?
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  11. Borla

    Borla Moderator Staff Member

    Do you use any apps for music? Some apps you might use for music (i.e. Spotify) also do podcasts.
  12. ralphie250

    ralphie250 Fully Erect Donor

    At work..
    Pandora is the only one i use. That and my sirius (sirius radio) app.

    Is spotify a decent one?
  13. Borla

    Borla Moderator Staff Member

    It's super popular, one of the top podcast apps. I have an iPhone, so I simply use the podcast app that Apple provides.
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  14. ralphie250

    ralphie250 Fully Erect Donor

    At work..
    I have android. Im not a apple person but that is me. Ill try that one. Thanks for the input. Im sure im a little late to the podcast party
  15. ralphie250

    ralphie250 Fully Erect Donor

    At work..
    I do like Spotify.
    Thank you for that. I dont have any complaints so far other than their are one or two podcasts that are not on there, but thats ok
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  16. Borla

    Borla Moderator Staff Member

    For several months I've co-hosted a podcast targeted at the community of a popular video game I play, called World of Warships. The last few months our audience has averaged in the low four -figures consistently per episode. Many of our listeners asked myself and my co-host to do a "general discussion" episode that had nothing to do with the video game. Here is that episode, if anyone is interested in giving it a listen, and/or feedback: Episode 086: Meat / Whiskey / Stories by Get to Know World of Warships hosted by Boggzy and Borla • A podcast on Anchor
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  17. ralphie250

    ralphie250 Fully Erect Donor

    At work..
    i listen to Sex with Emily. its very enlightening and educational.

    i listen to the man to man podcast its a sports one

    when i cant catch pat mcafee on you tube i will listen to the podcast. i have not missed an episode in 2 years
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