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Poems for your Playsure

Discussion in 'Tilted Art, Photography, Music & Literature' started by J.R.V.A., Dec 9, 2011.

  1. J.R.V.A.

    J.R.V.A. New Member

    Raindrops glisten with rainbows of light,
    searing reflections the colors are bright.
    I look out the window the lights are a blur,
    leaving this town my thoughts are of you.
    The back seat is cold, I turn and sit still,
    the tears are a flowing, despair's all I feel.
    Lost for the moment, no smile can I find,
    am I going crazy, have I lost my mind?
    Then slowly I think, maybe theres hope,
    memories live on, maybe I'll cope.
    A little smile comes, the tears all subside,
    inside my heart, is where you reside.
    --- merged: Dec 9, 2011 9:01 PM ---
    Stillness settles on the tired horizon.
    Dust becomes dormant as wind disappears.
    Where are the waves that engulfed life?
    Rolling across the grassy plains.
    Ending where time rests it's head.
    Mocking the rest of the waters sweet sound.
    Swallowed by fates restless hand.
    Gone is the existence that we once knew.
    One left to stand in the fire.
    Who is this person that you have become?
    Alone in the crowd of humanity.
    Awake in the still of the night.
    Stillness consumes me.
    --- merged: Dec 9, 2011 9:03 PM ---
    My indefatigability to breathe new air has left me fractured, worn and tired.
    Resiliency of my thick skin has kept me traveling onward.
    Sessions lessons paved the way and brought me here to comprehend entity.
    A soul left dawdling, in the dust remembering times spent wasted.
    What of the future, is in my hands?all or none, whenever you ask.
    Questions remain through questions asked answered again a different way.
    What of this life? Ask me not now.Seek your own soul to decide
    --- merged: Dec 9, 2011 9:04 PM ---
    The Fairest Maiden
    The fairest maiden of all, smiles as she drops the petal,
    Floating slowly till touching the babbling brook far below.
    He loves me she whispered,
    As the last rose is bared.
    Locked in this castle the dreams dance inside,
    A voice from the past she wishes not heard.
    The knight not so shining on this drizzling day,
    The steps to this tower are steep and restricted.
    The life and the love is waiting for her,
    Another whose heart the petals float for.
    The brook of her life is where real love rests.
    The roses are gone, the brook is still there,
    The love waits for her, no sadness it has.
    The real knight is waiting to bring her new flowers.
    --- merged: Dec 9, 2011 9:04 PM ---
    Octobers Charade
    We run through the waterfall, our bodies all wet.
    We sit on the grass, as the warm sun dries us.
    We climb up the mountain, through craggled small trails.
    We stop to rest, taking in all of Gods beauty.
    As we start again, we munch as we slowly move along.
    We stop at a stream, and take a long drink.
    There up ahead, a soft bed of grass to lay in.
    We sleep for a while, then we are startled.
    A loud popping sound shatters the peace.
    We jump and we run, barely seeing as we go by
    our fathers' limp body, his majestic rack fallen.
    --- merged: Dec 9, 2011 9:05 PM ---
    The Gray Headed One
    The sky weeps down on my tired old head.
    Wrinkles of dusk drown out the light.
    Soggy and laggard, I limp slowly by.
    The eyes of the city are opening up,
    looking for darks early slumber.
    Drenched as the night is getting dark.
    Seeking dry haven and respite from the nox.
    Sadly none to be found here.
    The tired old man inside my mind
    won't let go of the besotted dimness.
    Dreams become reality when it's what we choose.
    Stars in my mind overtake moons.
    Searing light dries the mood.
    I wake to the brightness of life,
    the gray headed one has perished.
    --- merged: Dec 9, 2011 9:09 PM ---
    I bumped into you the other day
    A crowd of people yet I saw your eyes
    We said excuse me and looked away
    Today I wonder why I did'nt stop
    A fantasty exposed a life of dreaming
    Years passed by in that one quick meeting
    I felt a sudden urge to call you up
    But I don't know you, never did
    Two years have passed, They know me well
    A fixture in the lonely mall
    --- merged: Dec 9, 2011 9:12 PM ---
    Singing in the shower I sound a bit like Elvis
    Looking in the mirror I look a bit like Travolta
    Walking down the road I stroll a bit like Pacino
    Talking to my friends I sound a bit like Cage
    Holding my dear daughter I feel a bit like Mother Theresa
    Talking in my meeting I roll the words like Gandhi
    Driving in my car I look a bit like Andretti
    Making love is when I feel a bit like Juan
    Working in the day I feel a bit like Powell
    Dancing to the music I look a bit like Astaire
    Turning in for sleep I lay down like Van Winkle
    When I dream I dream of peace
    and love throughtout the world
    --- merged: Dec 9, 2011 9:17 PM ---
    The herd is heard when in a herd,
    the voice of many comes as one.
    Hard to hear the herd however,
    when the herd becomes broken.
    Searching to be different somehow,
    herded together all as one.
    Cause indifferent to the herded,
    long as the cause is the one.
    Fighting for the right to be heard,
    winning soothe's the angry herd.
    I heard a song and it brought me back,
    to a place of hard hoarding.
    Herding sheep or hoarding herrings,
    all's the same when we are one.
    When I find the cause worth fighting,
    you'll have heard I joined the herd.
    As for now I think I'm different,
    different as the other one.
    --- merged: Dec 9, 2011 9:19 PM ---
    Today I walked along the beach
    Breathing the smell of the lake water
    Somehow I wondered if I still
    Enjoy the choice I had made when it came time to
    Wholeheartadly and effortlessly try
    Advice given to another pertaining to their
    Life or the lack thereof
    --- merged: Dec 9, 2011 9:21 PM ---
    The picture frame is empty,
    waiting for the brush
    the look I get from far away,
    gives me such a rush.
    The painting of a picture,
    that I want to see,
    the strokes you tell remind me of,
    a way I want to be.
    The story told a different way,
    portrays a different image,
    a day unlike another one,
    the turning of a page.
    I was framed the other day,
    when you spoke of me,
    by painting my old tales of woe,
    you showed how I could be.
    The art we spew as we recall,
    the memorie of another,
    the fire of life is burning bright,
    as we run for cover.
    So think when you are painting,
    your pictures to a friend,
    it may be thee only picture,
    remembered to the end.
    --- merged: Dec 9, 2011 9:22 PM ---
    My cd case is cracked and worn,
    The one that holds the tune
    I listen to the sound of love
    Like weddings done in June
    The music takes me back aways
    To days when I would smile
    I'd close my eyes and tap my foot
    And lay with you a while
    Breezy nights and sweaty skin
    Love was in the making
    Together we could save the world
    The stars were ours for taking
    We held each other oh so tight
    A vow to not let go
    Then something stole our cloud away
    Our love forgot to grow
    The pain we caused the other one
    Hearts torn up to shreds
    We squashed the lovely love we had
    By thinking with our heads
    Now the days are shorter still
    When thoughts are not of you
    Then on the radio the song of love
    And then my day turns blue
    Its time to toss away this cracked
    and tired old cd
    And find a new song to tap to
    And realize your free
    --- merged: Dec 9, 2011 9:24 PM ---
    Grilled upon an open pit, like pig after the slaughter,
    drilled right through my tired brain, waiting for the laughter.
    Led around by nose halter, rope strung through my ring,
    breathing's hard whilst yanked upon, wishing I could sing.
    Stolen smiles trampled upon, kicked under the rug,
    frowns that grow and eat away, worse than any drug.
    Feelings quashed and whisked away, feeling their not worthy,
    invalidation rears it's head, we'll talk after tuesday.
    Hope was lost when you gave up, wishing for another
    all was lost when you left me, I know of no other.
    Sick of all these sickening days, wanting to break free,
    wont you leave and let me see, what's inside of me.
    As the day progress's to, the angry still of night,
    I hope for you the stars will stay, for you always bright.
    Me I'll take the early bus, to a place thats near,
    to a place I'll sit and shed, one last final tear.
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  2. J.R.V.A.

    J.R.V.A. New Member

    The sun shines down,
    and then it's gone
    I long to look upon
    a summers day,
    although it feels so wrong
    The icy grasp numbs my grip
    my fingers feel a tear
    or is it somehow that my aura
    feels a little rip
    I stand as though I see right through,
    your eyes into you soul
    I wonder why it couldn't have,
    been your heart I stole
    --- merged: Dec 10, 2011 5:10 PM ---
    As though your eyes meet mine a time,
    an ethereal force doth from them shine
    A glimpse of clouds to walk upon,
    paradisaical thoughts seem to unwind
    A ounce of you is all I crave,
    it feels like waking from a grave
    Your voice leaves me with such a thrill,
    your soul within me echos still
    A scent whispers an exquisite breeze,
    my spirit brought upon it's knees
    A whisk of instance spilled as though,
    rhythmic chimes within me glow
    For just a moment Lucid reins,
    the love pumps stronger through my veins
    I grasp a straw with splintered sides,
    the blood echos as my mind glides
    I cogitate as I think of us,
    discernment's gone I must profess
    I pray forever I won't roam,
    That we will find our way back home
    --- merged: Dec 10, 2011 5:11 PM ---
    I close my eyes as there I see,
    a picture in my mind
    I think a thought as then I feel,
    you standing by my side
    I wish a wish that wishes were,
    something that I could hold,
    I hold my hand out as it feels,
    to come back to me cold
    As I remember things I've done,
    and places I have been
    I thank the lord for all I have,
    and all that I have seen
    --- merged: Dec 10, 2011 5:12 PM ---
    A shade of grey cannot release,
    the red inside my mind
    A pill cannot exhume the place,
    I choose to leave behind
    I know what hides within the mask,
    the pain is all to real,
    and if I choose to falter time,
    I may not have to deal
    I kid myself then lie again,
    to the man inside the mirror,
    I tell myself just once again,
    who really is to fear here
    I pop another smooth sembelence,
    of foggy summer days,
    as if I keep remembering,
    the warm and sunny days
    I breeze along and when it hurts,
    I try to plod along,
    one day when I can make some time,
    I'll look for what I long
    --- merged: Dec 10, 2011 5:13 PM ---
    A beacon shines throughout the night,
    to far away to see
    The cloak of grey within you lays,
    as dark as light can be
    Revealing what is right or wrong,
    is that which we will choose
    The color of the web we weave,
    tells if we win or lose
    We roll the dice and as they fall,
    does it mean the end?
    Or shall we tip them were we like,
    they are our rules to bend
    We travel down the road a ways,
    sometime's we pick the path,
    but is it from our choice or chance,
    when we suffer the wrath
    --- merged: Dec 10, 2011 5:14 PM ---
    Spent reflex cannot recall,
    if and or what would be
    A leaf can somewhat hide behind,
    what we don't want to see
    The obvious is hidden bout,
    stuck up under our nose,
    we look so far beyond our sight,
    sometimes our minds slam close
    Somehow if we would take the time.
    to watch the clock tick by,
    we'd see the beauty that sits still,
    as crystal clear as sky
    --- merged: Dec 10, 2011 5:15 PM ---
    Spent reflex cannot recall,
    if and or what would be
    A leaf can somewhat hide behind,
    what we don't want to see
    The obvious is hidden bout,
    stuck up under our nose,
    we look so far beyond our sight,
    sometimes our minds slam close
    Somehow if we would take the time.
    to watch the clock tick by,
    we'd see the beauty that sits still,
    as crystal clear as sky
    --- merged: Dec 10, 2011 5:15 PM ---
    I stand alone here
    Waiting, wondering, why you left
    I think what if, then think again
    A tear falls as my insides turn
    The anguish I feel,
    must not be as bad as you felt
    The silence hurts my ears
    All I know is your gone
    I think what a tragedy,
    what a waste
    I'm angry with you,
    I feel sorry for you,
    I love you,
    and I miss you
    I wait for answers
    I wonder aloud
    --- merged: Dec 10, 2011 5:19 PM ---
    Cold to the touch
    my fingers turn a blue
    Memories of winter days
    take on a different hue

    The blizzard that you choose to live,
    has left you somewhat broken
    I think of words that were unsaid,
    and feelings left unspoken

    The ice has left the sidewalk cracked,
    traversing it is rough,
    Your skin is lined and weathered now,
    you still think your so tough

    We shoveled snow as we got hot,
    and shivered to the bone,
    I would have gave you my old coat,
    if only I'd have known

    It's freezing in the room you left,
    I can't quite shut the door,
    It's time to put on my tool belt,
    and get up off the floor

    The sun is shining through the glass,
    the window begs to see
    How a new soft summer day,
    really can change me

    I send to you on angels wings,
    A ray of warm sunshine,
    I bid you a brand new adieu
    I hope warmth with it brings

    I walked with you upon a path,
    that we had to walk on,
    although our paths go different ways,
    some things are never gone
    A bit of you within my heart,
    will live like an old song

    I'm grateful for the times we had,
    and that on earth I knew
    A friend that helped me on my way,
    a soul as such as you

    I hope that you will choose to play,
    and nourish your new garden,
    and let the light melt all the ice,
    the cold can be forgoten
    --- merged: Dec 10, 2011 5:20 PM ---
    Wherefore our auf wiedersehen
    has gave us a new start
    As long as we let weltschmerz live
    we can't cobble our heart
    Asfore from within the time,
    has come to emanate
    and skip away the day today,
    paradisal's through the gate
    I have found my freya in the
    one that I adore
    As you will too if you will choose,
    to open a new door
    This life we live on this small earth,
    could end for us tommorow,
    It's doleful to think some will live,
    with attrition and sorrow
    The lesson that was taught to us,
    was gave so we could live,
    As far as we can look to see,
    and all that w can give
    Let your soul fly free today,
    let nimbus leave your heart
    Let your God take back the reins,
    it's time for your new start
    --- merged: Dec 10, 2011 5:28 PM ---
    What a beautiful sunset, my girl said to me,
    As I watched my light slip away.
    Grinning outside, as inside I weep,
    The glow was my days one last hope.
    Smelling the gloom of lightlessness cover,
    Eyes shrieking as they dilate.
    The moon burns the sun, Tis blood that I see,
    As mountains gulp down the sweet nectar.
    Climbing the ladder, of yesterdays woes,
    I think of the radiance and smile.
    Tomorrow will come, I cannot run,
    The primer was lit long ago.
    For now I’ll just hide, let light shine inside,
    Believing is what comes to haunt me.
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  3. J.R.V.A.

    J.R.V.A. New Member

    Chilly frost of winters morn,
    no more summer dew
    Leaves turn bright and fall upon
    the snow that looks so new
    Fires blaze and warm our hands
    we laugh and sing our tunes
    October nights in the cornfields
    the maze of harvest moons
    Sledding down a frozen hill
    the time we spend together
    Freezing cold with hearts of warmth
    The lovely winter weather
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  4. J.R.V.A.

    J.R.V.A. New Member

    Never settle for just OK.
    Aspire to do great things,
    and be the best you can be
    When you strive to be better,
    that is what you become.
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  5. Chris Noyb

    Chris Noyb Get in, buckle up, hang on, & don't criticize. Donor

    Large City, TX
    A suggestion:

    Allow some time, an hour IIRC, between posts so that your posts don't merge, which causes them to run together. That makes reading them a bit tedious, kind of like plowing through run-on paragraphs.