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[Post a pic of your latest purchase]

Discussion in 'Tilted Gear' started by cis689, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. Shadowex3

    Shadowex3 Very Tilted

    Got a couple new things on sale recently for the 4th.

    First up a new backpack. I wanted something smaller than the ~3000 cubic inch BFM500 but still as indestructible and well designed. Wound up going with the 2015 HAWG (not my picture). It's just a little smaller than I would've liked and the shoulder straps are imho not as good as the BFM's but it can still hold enough clothes and supplies for a few days and fit under the seat on an airplan, I wouldn't use it alone for more than a 3 day trip though. Where it shines is in day to day use as a small light day-bag. It's just barely wide enough for a 14" laptop in the main compartment and has enough capacity for anything I'd take with me to campus (or work).


    It didn't come with a frame sheet like the BFM did though so I had to buy one. SKD was as amazing as always although personally I was hoping for something a little more rigid, we'll see how the semi-floppy plastic in their frame sheet holds up. It seems to be good enough so far, and there's access slots sewn into the frame sheet that I can slip something more rigid into.

    Also in the same sale at SKDtac I got a 1.5" HSGI Cobra Belt in size small. I've got a medium size 1.75" belt and although it's the best belt I have it's way too long for me and doesn't fit most belt loops. The 1.5" fits a normal pair of pants AND is sized for my waist. This thing's probably the single best load bearing belt I've ever seen. It doesn't have the deadzone in the front that a lot of designs have, doesn't have an enormous chunky buckle biting into your abdomen, and even in 1.5" is strong enough for me to stand on without feeling like it's going to crush a disk or my hip bones. It's great for when the CERT team's out and I want to carry just a little gear in my dropleg instead of the whole backpack everywhere.


    Aaaand lastly for the house I finally got sick of fighting to cook rice the conventional way and just got a rice cooker. I was looking at getting one of the cheaper stripped down chinese made models when I noticed an amazon warehouse deal for their top of the line "Neuro Fuzzy" model for basically the same price. It makes perfect rice and steel cut oats every time and can hold them that way at a food safe temperature for hours.

    And it sings. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star when it starts and a japanese tune when it's done.


    Seriously the damn thing is even cute. I'm going to put a ":3" face on it and some ears or something.
  2. We have the same damn rice cooker. We use it at least 3 times a week. When I say "we" I mean DaddySquirrel uses it. Not because he's Japanese...he's cheap and I don't like cooking. Unless we want to eat out every night, he cooks.

    Everything in Japan fucking sings. A cart in the Tokyo airport sang Yankee Doodle Dandee when we were there last year.
  3. Japchae

    Japchae Very Tilted

    I'M excited about these!
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  4. Japchae

    Japchae Very Tilted

    I, too, own this rice cooker. It just moved with us from Jax to Chicago.
  5. CinnamonGirl

    CinnamonGirl The Cheat is GROUNDED! Donor

    Whaaaaat? Your rice cooker sings? I want a rice cooker that sings :(
  6. Stan

    Stan Resident Dumbass Donor

    I married my rice cooker. She sings; but very poorly.
  7. Come visit me. It sings all the fucking time in our house. So does my child.

    I highly recommend them. I was using the ultra Fine Point sharpies as my usual writing utensil until these beauties came out. I made my office buy two boxes. One box is in my drawer. Of the pens in the second box, 75% of the pens are scattered between my desk pen holder, purse and house. I think the other 25% might be in the office supply closet at work. Maybe.
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  8. CinnamonGirl

    CinnamonGirl The Cheat is GROUNDED! Donor

    w00t! We shall sing to the kitties. And the rice cooker.
  9. ToddlerSquirrel will get mad at you if you try to sing the ABC's OR if you try to make up your own lyrics to any songs. She's in the stage where everything has to be exactly how it's supposed to be. No artistic license whatsoever.

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  10. blahblah454

    blahblah454 New Member

    I have been trying to buy a new mountain bike for 6 years. I placed a down payment on one about 3 years ago and it arrived at the store damaged. they told me they would give me a "deal" on the next model up, as that was the only thing that was in my frame size. Needless to say that I said no, the "deal" would have still been $1500 over and above what I wanted. No thanks!

    So here we are! My new amazing bike that I can't stop staring at. Unfortunately its been raining solid since I got it, and my roof rack is on order. So I can't take it anywhere because I wont throw a muddy bike on my nice leather seats.

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  11. KirStang

    KirStang Remember...only YOU can return fire.

    Cobra buckles are the bees knees. I recently upgraded from the issue "Riggers" belt and went with a 5.11 Tactical Riggers belt. It's so much more rigid and fastening the belt is simply a matter of inserting the two ends together. I wear a giant "D" ring around my belt loop in case I need to hook in to something, even if it may look odd.
  12. Shadowex3

    Shadowex3 Very Tilted

    I've got a 1.75" that I absolutely love but the new 1.5" has been giving me some trouble unfastening. I think it's a combination of the "wings" being a different shape (instead of the usual full sized L shape) and the buckle being slightly out of spec. I need to press both sides together and fiddle with it a bit to get it to release on one side.

    Aside from that the belt is every bit as good as its larger brother. It's comfortable, supports weight like a champ, and while flexible laterally doesn't roll or bend vertically.
  13. Fangirl

    Fangirl Very Tilted Donor

    Though I live in a detached house, my neighbours still want me to share. It's not a big problem that they, despite having 2-car garages with driveways park in front of my house except on garbage night, when two large bins need to be placed out for pickup. I ordered a traffic cone, which I am really excited to be able to put out next Monday to save a spot for the trash.
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  14. Rebel CR

    Rebel CR Vertical

    Cell Number 99

    you pay for those?

    i steal them if i need one :)
  15. snowy

    snowy so kawaii Staff Member Donor

    My neighbors have been doing the same damn thing, except with my mailbox! So annoying!
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  16. Fangirl

    Fangirl Very Tilted Donor

    It is annoying. What part of person's brain gets switched off in order to blithely drift through life not caring that their actions inconvenience other folks? Blergh.
  17. DAKA

    DAKA Slightly Tilted

    Fort Lauderdale
    Seems too many just don't give a damn about anyone but themselves....need a good smack with a baseball bat...
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  18. Fangirl

    Fangirl Very Tilted Donor

    I know. Being a Canadian expat kid thru middle-aged adult in the United States, I've been appalled. Then about 20 years ago, a bunch of the Ontario family I left behind started acting more "American."
    Now, finally, I realize that many people--regardless of nationality--can be really quite rude about mundane things.
  19. Shadowex3

    Shadowex3 Very Tilted

    Forgot to post but I bought some camping gear:


    First I got an REI Camp Bed 3.5 (picture not mine) in XL size for cheap by signing up for REI's free membership and using the 15% off coupon. They were sold out of blue so instead I got "willow", which is very close to an ACU/Ranger green type color in real life. The blue's nice but I'll grant the brighter gray-green is easier to find at night. Rolled up it's 9x30in (reg is 6.25x26in), and when fully inflated and unrolled it's 78x30x3.5 (reg is 72x25x3.5). The bottom feels like a smoother/"sealed up" version of the same ballastic cordura camelbaks are made out of and the top is a smoother somewhat breathable material that feels almost like breathable neoprene with a fabric cover. The two materials are welded together all around the sides. The bottom definitely feels tough, I wouldn't habitually use it on bare ground or rough surfaces but I wouldn't be surprised if it can survive that kind of abuse for a while. The two air valves also feel sturdy, they're twist-lock and push in and out to close or open respectively, although they don't let air out super quickly so packing up is a bit of work.

    In terms of use I'd say I like it. It unrolls easily and mostly inflates itself, takes only a few breaths to get anywhere from a memory foam pillowtop to a padded brick, and when dialed in to your preference is really quite comfortable. It's definitely not on the level of an exped megamat or one of the other 4 inch plus "portable mattress" square-sided glamping beds but it's also literally less than half the price and significantly more portable. One thing I will say about it is you need a sleeping bag, liner, or sheet/blanket for this thing. It might just be me but the neoprene-ish sleep surface felt like sleeping on a mousepad, it can get a little sweaty and isn't that comfortable on bare skin. My second purchase covered that base though...


    A Sea to Summit Coolmax "Traveller" (as opposed to "travel") sleeping bag liner. Pictures don't show how ridiculously thin and light this is. You can see through it and it's so light it floats like a silk scarf. It's also incredibly smooth and soft to the touch, my skin is sensitive enough I can't even wear new tshirts without washing them 10+ times and this didn't bother me at all. It's also pretty springy and elastic so combined with the squared off shape it really doesn't feel constricting at all. For summer camping where it's 75 or up at night I'd use just this by itself. In the winter it's probably still a nice addition to the sleeping bag. I slept just fine in it and wouldn't mind a blanket made out of the same stuff for use at home.

    The difference between this and the "travel" version is the shape. The traveller liner has a pillow-pocket up top, blanket style flap for your upper body, and a plain rectangular shape. The travel liner has the classic mummy-case sleeping bag shape. Both bunch up extremely small and weigh almost nothing.

    Now I just need to get my own tent. We'll see how the job hunt goes. The sleeping pad and liner I can use even when couchsurfing or backpacking around Israel or anywher eelse, a tent is a little more... situational.
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  20. cynthetiq

    cynthetiq Administrator Staff Member Donor

    New York City

    Because I need 3 cars living in Manhattan.

    This one is a lot of fun in a different way.

    It's fun to drive a slow car fast. Much better than drive a fast car slow.
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