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[Post a pic of your latest purchase]

Discussion in 'Tilted Gear' started by cis689, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. bobby

    bobby More Than Slightly Tilted ! Donor


    It died a wet and rotten death but was reborn as homeless housing !

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  2. kramus

    kramus what I might see

    We picked up Yolanda, our 2020 Tesla Model Y this afternoon. She's now hooked up to the just-installed-today Tesla charger, which seems to give approx 40 mph/65 kph of power to the battery.
    I've been driving gas cars for 45 years, so there will be a lot to learn (especially because everything is controlled via a touch screen beside the driver). Exciting, eh?

    Yolanda 1.jpg Yolanda 2.jpg
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  3. Zweiblumen

    Zweiblumen Slightly Tilted

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  4. Zweiblumen

    Zweiblumen Slightly Tilted

  5. boink

    boink Getting Tilted

    These showed up this weekend IMG_20210221_095635895.jpg sketch1613888828892_20210220231554860.jpg

    I had the full run of Wierdo in college but I lent them to a gal who wanted to write comics... She did, sort of. But dispite me asking and writing her my mailing address she never returned them. It's gonna cost me about $250-$300 to replace them. I may send a fb message to thank her for that expense.

    The car is shown at the top as when it arrived.
    By the end of last night it was the lower two pics.
    Had plenty of play damage from a kid...just like me in the late 60's early 70's. Now hot wheels collector geeks might say I damaged it more.
    Files, sandpaper and a set of modern wheels. Waiting on another car to steal an engine out of.
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