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QOTD #13: What criteria did you use to choose the place where you currently live?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by genuinemommy, Oct 6, 2015.

  1. genuinemommy

    genuinemommy Moderator Staff Member Donor

    What criteria did you use to choose the place where you currently live?
    Be it your state, your city, or your specific domicile - what was of interest to you when you took up residence?
    Was weather a factor?
    Economic and political stability?
    Proximity to family?
    Proximity to work?
    Something unique about the property?

    This is a question I'm sure I've asked here in the past, but it was not recently and certainly not part of my QOTD series.

    Our present home was our first purchase, and so we put a lot of thought into that decision - moreso than our former residences. We chose the city first, for weather and proximity to family. Then we found the job. And from there we narrowed down what we wanted in our home. We wanted a decent size backyard so I could have plenty of room for gardening. We wanted easy access to the highway. Hubby had his list, I had my list. We didn't think they would mesh, but it turns out that they did with this one home that we chose.
  2. Stan

    Stan Resident Dumbass Donor

    Back in the dark ages, when my wife and I were first dating, I took her to Aspen to go skiing. "I do this every year, I'm gonna keep doing it ...". She fell in love with the mountains and moving to the mountains became a mutual dream.

    Fast forward a couple decades, our youngest daughter was graduating High School, I was unhappy with work, and I had a job offer in Boulder, CO that included moving expenses. Pretty much a now or never situation. We took it and never looked back.

    We love Colorado weather, particularly in the mountains. It rarely goes below 0 or above 90 and we get 300 or sunny days a year.

    Family is 1000 miles away, that has some advantages and some disadvantages. No one ever stops by without notice. :D

    We bought the home with my job in mind. It's 20 miles up a mountain and is reasonable compromise between living in the mountains and being employed.

    This was the second house that we looked at in CO. We looked at others; but my wife fell in love with a smaller log home with a fabulous view. It's hard to argue with a woman whose dream home is a cabin in the woods.

    Boulder is San Francisco liberal. Works for me; but it had nothing to do with our move.
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  3. rogue49

    rogue49 Tech Kung Fu Artist Staff Member Donor

    I've lived in a variety of places.
    I like it here the best (so far...)

    Conn was too grey.
    San Diego was too expensive, unstable and the weather boring & tedious. (no green, no clouds)
    OKC I love, but it's too near my father's chaos.

    Baltimore/DC allows me the best balance for myself.
    I have access to 3 cities (DC, Baltimore and Annapolis) and all points in-between.
    There are always options for employment, even during the recessions, as the oil (money) doesn't fall far from the well.
    I have access to a great amount...including tons of free stuff.
    The weather changes, is not TOO extreme, but still it gets interesting too.

    I like where I live now, an apartment...not a house.
    No brainer, I focus on doing things...not maintaining things.
    Even in the worst of weather, I can simply walk across the street for a super mall, casino and movies and fun.
    A variety of stores for my options...but I also have nearby parks and plenty of green.
    And a fairly quick drive to the coast, the mountains or otherwise.

    And I live within an hour or two from family.
    Near enough to enjoy, far enough to keep some privacy.

    And I have a really good college for continuing education

    And access to start my business and leverage my inventions.
    including good Tech infrastructure.


    If I could get a really good remote gig...I may try a nice place in Portugal...use that as a base to explore Europe and the other side of the pond.
    I'd do this if I wanted to change everything.
    Maybe I'll do it, if I can't find another woman in time. (it would be just me, no attachments then...no reason to settle)
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  4. CinnamonGirl

    CinnamonGirl The Cheat is GROUNDED! Donor

    Before I moved here, I knew I was going to leave my hometown in Ohio within a year. I made vague plans for Florida that ended up not working out, and from there decided on either Nashville area or a suburb of Boston. I was also looking into the San Diego area, but cost of living was a little high for me.

    Enter some dude I met on some weird Internet forum. ( ;) ) North Carolina sounded all right to me, so here I am! I'd like to think location wouldn't really have mattered, but I might have had second thoughts if he'd been from say, Kansas or Oklahoma.

    So, yeah. I basically moved down here for a boy. What a cliché, right?

    House-wise, we rent, and the main criteria was "two bedrooms" and "not Eden's parents' house." So, we weren't very picky, to be honest. We did end up passing on another rental recently (we wanted to move to get away from our Crazy Neighbor, but that's an entirely different story) because it was a 45ish minute drive to work.

    Given the choice of location, I'd love to live in Colorado or California. The sea or the mountains, I absolutely love both. House-wise, the dream is to live in the middle of nowhere...or at least have a really big yard. One day.
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  5. spindles

    spindles Very Tilted

    Sydney, Australia
    We had a 2 bedroom unit before this house. My main (and probably only deal breaker) was to be near public transport. Sydney is a big place and having ready access to the train makes getting around a whole lot simpler. The bonus is good local schools, easy walk to a supermarket, nice neighbours, back yard with space for a garden and chickens (not really enough space for sport mad children!).

    My wife wants to move out of Sydney to shed us of our mortgage, but doing it is a one way trip.
  6. Plan9

    Plan9 Standing in the Door Donor

    This Island Earth
    Easy... it's the spot where I made the crater when I exited the military.

    I'm surrounded by all that rubber government money and the people that subsist on it.

    Moving to another area would mean more money in my pocket but put me away from all the big city amenities.
  7. martian

    martian Server Monkey Staff Member

    This is a timely thread.

    We are living where we are now partly because it's where we both grew up an partly because we discovered through experimentation that we're not really cut out for city living. I wouldn't say we were unhappy living in Toronto, but I don't know if we were ever truly happy either. We certainly didn't take advantage of it I think the way one should if living in a major city like that.

    Every time we came home to visit we found ourselves commenting on how much we missed this place. Eventually the idea kind of hatched that if we missed it so much there was no reason for us not to come back. My job is almost entirely remote anyway and we're not that far away. So why not?

    The house we're living in came up almost by chance, but it suits us. We wanted three bedrooms, we got three bedrooms. It's old, and has a lot of history and character. The location is great. We have a ton of backyard space. We have our very own laundry room, which is a luxury that cannot possibly be overstated.

    I think at this point in my life I've had just about enough of apartment living. I like not having an upstairs neighbour. I like having my own private outdoor space. I like not having to worry about the elevators being out of service, or people banging on the walls, or whatever else.

    Apart from that small town living is just something that I feel better suited to. One of my friends visited over the weekend, and he commented about how different traffic is here. First in quantity, but also just in how people drive. Traffic moves slower. People aren't in so much of a rush. Letting people merge in front is the expectation rather than the exception. It's much more relaxed and slower paced.

    And so goes small town life, generally speaking.
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  8. redravin

    redravin Cynical Optimist Donor

    Born and raised in AK, never expected to leave.
    When I left I never really expected to come back.
    Now I'm back and and never expect to leave.
    Close to my family, my kiddos.
    Weather isn't wonderful but I'm used to it.
    The scenery is wonderful and the people are pretty damned amazing.
    I do have a good job that I would probably have a hard time getting any place else.
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    POPEYE Very Tilted Donor

    No criteria, just ended up here in Tulsa and stayed. " Living on Tulsa time "
  10. Charlatan

    Charlatan sous les pavés, la plage Donor

    I moved to this country for work. I stay because it's a good life and both my wife and I like the work we do (and the money we make).

    We chose the house we currently rent on a number of criteria but the main one is that it has two levels and an outdoor space (most condos, which we'd previously been living in, don't have either). It is also right on the subway line, close to the centre of town, and my favourite cycling trails. The only thing it's missing is a pool (condos have these).

    The house is also about half way between my office downtown and my wife's school out in the west end.

    Come to Singapore and have a home brew in my backyard.
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  11. Fraeia

    Fraeia Getting Tilted

    I first came to this city (St. John's Newfoundland) in 2004 for school because tuition was super cheap. I stayed for the inclusive feeling on campus and then the clean air, nature, and small city vibe. I have moved out of the province a couple times since moving here and am certainly not settled down yet, but this city just kinda feels like home.

    In a few months, if all goes according to plan, i'll be moving to New Zealand. My reasons for choosing that country include the fact that they're willing to give me a working holiday visa, the amazing nature, the supposed laid-back lifestyle, and the weather. Oh, and the glow worm caves ;)
  12. DamnitAll

    DamnitAll Wait... what? Donor

    Central MD
    I ended up in the DC area because my exwife, a women's studies major in college, wanted to work for a progressive political organization, and DC was where she felt it made the most sense to do so. So yeah, I followed a chick here.

    We ended up moving to this specific city in part because a longtime friend of hers was already living here. We stayed with said friend over the weekend that I interviewed for what would become my first job. Outside of the interview we didn't have much time to look into apartment prospects. What time we did spend, we decided DC proper was too expensive for too little space, Northern Virginia wasn't up for discussion, and we weren't at all interested in any of the cookie cutter bedroom community options that dot the landscape between DC and here.

    It just so happened that the apartment next door to the friend's place where we were staying was opening up within the next few months. Factoring the length of the commute and, conversely, the new commuter rail line that was also scheduled to begin service to DC in about the same amount of time, we opted to sign on the soon-to-be-available apartment—sight unseen—reasoning that if the commute was absolutely horrible, we could always move closer.

    Long story short-ish, we both did the DC commute for a few years. Then she got a local job. Then we bought our house. Then I got a local job—in fact, just a half a mile up the street from the house. Then she broke up with me and moved out, and I stayed. I have no plans to leave anytime soon.

    I fucking love this town.
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