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Question of the Day #23: Do you wear shoes at home?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by genuinemommy, Oct 26, 2015.

  1. martian

    martian Server Monkey Staff Member

    It never even occurred to me to wear shoes indoors. Sometimes if I just need to grab something quickly I'll leave my shoes on and go get it but I always feel guilty for tracking dirt in the house.

    The idea of wearing shoes full time indoors makes me slightly uncomfortable for reasons I can't really articulate very well.

    On the subject of dogs, I sometimes make Keela walk back and forth on the front porch a couple of times before letting her in, so she can track any mud or whatever there instead of into the house. I've considered attempting to train her to wipe her feet but I think this solution is lower effort and probably achieves roughly equivalent results.
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    I would be profoundly irritated by a guest in my home who did not remove their shoes upon entry. Different cultures I suppose?
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  2. Baraka_Guru

    Baraka_Guru Möderätor Staff Member Donor

    In my circle of acquaintances, it's rare for people to wear shoes indoors. Slippers or flip-flops or something meant for indoor use isn't uncommon. Outdoor shoes are generally assumed to be a bit dirty for indoor wear. Sometimes exceptions are made if people will be going out again soon.

    But then there's this: This Is Why You Absolutely Need To Stop Wearing Shoes In Your House

    As for me, I have a pair of slip-on shoes that I use indoors so that I can wear my orthotics. I work at home, so it's what I have to do to make sure I wear them enough.
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  3. CinnamonGirl

    CinnamonGirl The Cheat is GROUNDED! Donor

    Oh! On the subject of dogs...mine actually DO wipe their feet, and it's quite amusing. Benjen learned it from one of mom's dogs. Sadie started the trend, but since she wasn't around by the time I got Benjen, I'm thinking he learned it from Gracie (we don't really know why Sadie started doing it. We always joked that she was part cat.) Leia, in turn, learned it from Benjen. They both take a few steps forward, then wipe their back paws after going to the bathroom...on the grass, but still.

    If it's wet and muddy, we physically wipe their paws off in the mudroom/laundry room. Otherwise, there's a towel in that room that they walk across, as well as a fluffy bathmat; and then another towel right inside the kitchen door where they sit and wait for a treat. The towels get replaced or washed once or twice a week.

    It occurs to me that, growing up, we always took our shoes off in the entryway at my dad's. It was less of a thing at Mom's, but snow boots and play shoes were always taken off in the breezeway. Dad had a fully carpeted house, and Mom's was mostly hardwood, so that probably had something to do with it.
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  4. Chris Noyb

    Chris Noyb Get in, buckle up, hang on, & don't criticize. Donor

    Large City, TX
    Yes, I wear shoes at home. First & foremost, we've pretty much had pets since we married, and keeping a spotless home has never been a top priority with either one of us. Secondly, I have high arches and going brefoot for too long hurts my feet (I put arch supports in just about all of my shoes, including house-shoes).
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  5. ZombieSquirrel

    ZombieSquirrel Brrrrrrrains Donor

    Stay Strong my sister.
  6. Lindy

    Lindy Moderator Staff Member

    It is different cultures, and of course, no one correct practice. I grew up on a working farm, and it was in and out, in and out, constantly all day long. Not just the kids, but the working adult family members and a few hired folks as well. Shoes off and on twenty times a day would be a real wart on the ass of productivity. We had heavy duty jute and wire mats by front, side, and kitchen doors to help mitigate the tracking. So, that's the culture (and habit) I grew up with. I can also see the idea that tracking stuff in makes the floors dirty which makes wearing shoes inside a good idea... repeat as needed.
    But I'm more than willing to "When in Rome, do as the Romans do" but I need to be told the customary practice, (don't just assume that I know) and I'll happily comply with that very politically incorrect idea. Oh, I meant the "When in Rome.." was politically incorrect, not the removal of shoes.;) So, ya have to tell me. I'm a heathen from a far country.:rolleyes:I had a friend in Boston with a sign in her entryway to that effect in three or four languages.
  7. redravin

    redravin Cynical Optimist Donor

    Barefoot all the way.
  8. omega

    omega Very Tilted Donor

    Don't get me wrong, I do go barefoot in my house some of the time. I have been padding around barefoot all morning. I think having shoes off some of the time is good. It doesn't constrain the feet, allows the muscles and sinews to work better. When I had plantar fasciitis, I finally got some improvement on it by going barefoot around my house. I just don't have a compulsion to shed my shoes the second I walk in the door. Unless my shoes were actually dirty. I'm obviously not going to track mud all over my house.
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  9. PlaysWithPixels

    PlaysWithPixels Getting Tilted

    Nope. Pretty much off when I walk in the house.
  10. Fraeia

    Fraeia Getting Tilted

    The only people i've ever known to wear shoes inside are Americans. (Not all, but some). I don't think it's a thing anywhere else.

    I remember thinking it was kinda strange reading books as a kid set random places in the states (Baby Sitters Club, for instance) and they would mention having their shoes on inside.

    Of course neither is right or wrong, just different.
  11. Levite

    Levite Levitical Yet Funky

    The Windy City
    I always wear shoes (or sandals in the summer), unless I'm in bed or in the shower. I have some lower back issues related to posture and foot support, so I wear shoes (or sandals) specially designed for maximum support. I nearly never get backaches now, but before I started wearing these shoes, I had them all the time.
  12. DamnitAll

    DamnitAll Wait... what? Donor

    Central MD
    Ideally I would like to go shoe free inside my house, if it weren't for this ^^^

    It's more bothersome to me that I can't account for whatever girlfriend's chihuahua has been traipsing around in when he goes out to the back yard to do his business. More often than not, it's probably his own shit on the occasion that we haven't cleaned up everything he's left behind. He's half deaf and blind, but I don't doubt he has a homing instinct like no other to walk through his own goddamned turds.

    Once he's out of the picture, I think we may have an easier time, even with the cat. Her litterbox is well enclosed, and she is thankfully pretty fastidious with her own grooming, from all accounts.

    But man, I hate that dog.

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  13. MrMD069

    MrMD069 Very Tilted Donor

    Nope, I'm barefoot most of the time, even in the winter time. I'll walk out to get the mail without shoes, etc. Drives my wife nuts.
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  14. connyosis

    connyosis New Member

    Nora, Sweden
    Every time we visit my wifes family in the US I get surprised by people wearing shoes inside. It's just not a thing in Sweden and would be considered quite rude. Do Americans just love vacuuming that much?
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  15. MrMD069

    MrMD069 Very Tilted Donor

    Only when we can get the wives to wear the maid costumes.
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  16. Chris Noyb

    Chris Noyb Get in, buckle up, hang on, & don't criticize. Donor

    Large City, TX
    No. Used shoes theft has been a serious problem in the US for decades.

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