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Discussion in 'Tilted Art, Photography, Music & Literature' started by kramus, Sep 30, 2015.

  1. kramus

    kramus what I might see Donor

    A couple of pages in my sketch book.
    FCEA7A58-4124-4F56-A93A-67FBE89D6C06.jpeg 25F1F58A-94B3-4E69-BDC9-1B0E9B94F7D1.jpeg 146BC496-1E61-4C64-BF09-F75A6C07923C.jpeg
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  2. kramus

    kramus what I might see Donor

    “Snail” 8”x10” colour pencils

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  3. kramus

    kramus what I might see Donor

    “Cat” 10”x8” coloured pencil

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  4. kramus

    kramus what I might see Donor

    “Leaf Time” 10”x8” coloured pencils.
    Now and then we have a last time with someone. Sometimes you know it’s the last time. Sometimes you don’t.

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