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The AWD thread

Discussion in 'Tilted Gear' started by compoundcurve, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. Living in the PNW, I'm a huge fan of AWD cars. I've been a Subi-guy for many years, and my last car was a 2011 STI which I had for almost 4 years (which is like 20 years in compoundcurve-car-years). After enjoying that vehicle for quite a while, I finally began feeling my age.

    I've recently moved to a 2017 BMW 330i Xdrive station wagon. It is not the brutal performance machine the STI was, but I no longer need a hoist to get me out of the car after 5 hours of seat-time!

    Any other folks here who swear by AWD?
  2. Stan

    Stan Resident Dumbass

    We live in the mountains. My wife drives a Maxda Cx-5 AWD and loves it. I drive a diesel Canyon 4wd, because that's how pickup trucks come. Not sure I have a preference; but 4wd of some sorts is highly recommended where I live.
  3. omega

    omega Very Tilted

    My 02 wrx is 4wd (not awd, it is all manual differentials). That being said, I had 27 ski days my first year in the Colorado Rockies. Almost all of those were in my lowered Acura Integra GSR. I had gotten a set of brand new snow tires on their own rims and those served me very well. Fwd and an open differential and I would often be passing suvs. As a trooper I drove a rwd crown Vic with no traction control or vehicle stability assist. Then I moved to a rwd dodge charger v8. Both cars served at 10,000 feet of elevation in the snow. Both were also equipped with Goodyear weatherguards, a damn good tire. So in my experience I would consider a good set of snow tires as more important than an awd with standard passenger tires. Snow tires not only allow you to move forward, but also to brake and turn. Awd doesn't help with that.
  4. Good traction-tires will cover a multitude of sins!
  5. fflowley

    fflowley Don't just do something, stand there! Donor

    I think many people underestimate the importance of good snow tires.
    Having said that, we live at elevation in a very snowy part of upstate NY. One of our vehicles is always a Subaru.
    We run our Outback with Blizzaks or Michelin X-Ice tires. It's an incredible machine for driving in snow.
  6. martian

    martian Server Monkey Staff Member

    Good tires are essential in bad weather. AWD is not.

    The tricky thing about 4 driving wheels is that they will help you start moving, but they won't help you stop moving. And nobody ever got into a fiery crash by not moving.

    I think AWD/4WD has it's uses but I also think it engenders a false confidence in a lot of people who don't really understand how traction works and think it's magic.