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The Complaining and Bitching Thread

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by ASU2003, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. Plan9 FORMAT C:

    This Island Earth
    But... but I feel normal. And my doctors all say I'm normal, even the one that looks in my ear at my brains.

    It isn't normal for people to be able to fit into the clothes they wore in high school several decades later?

    The only thing worse than wearing baggy-ass large dress shirts is trying to get them tailored to fit your torso. ~$50 a piece. A handful of shirts that fit should not cost $1000.

    Being normal is expensive.
  2. Today I am wearing a pair of boots that I bought 15 years ago. My feet are totally the same delicate size. Can't say the same about my waist and I was a LATE bloomer as I didn't really get boobs until College.

    I don't think I'd want to wear my clothes from high school though since my style has changed quite a bit.
  3. Plan9 FORMAT C:

    This Island Earth
    I didn't get boobs until college either.


    I'm also stilling wearing Misfits t-shirts.



    Peanut butter jars, almond butter jars, jars of jams and preserves. Why are they always tall? It makes absolutely no sense for them to be designed like that.

    They should be shaped like tuna cans--low and wide--so you can easily scrape every delicious ounce out of them without getting it all over the handle of the butter knife and your paws.

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  4. Cayvmann

    Cayvmann Very Tilted

    I'm too tired to complain, but the intention is there
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  5. Plan9 FORMAT C:

    This Island Earth
  6. Rebel CR

    Rebel CR Vertical

    Cell Number 99
    I still fit into my college/high school clothes but I know I definitely wouldn't want to wear them now - with the exception of one dress. A beautiful hot pink expensive linen smart casual dress with a full shirt and a bodice that could be 'fitted' or lose depending how tight the ties were bowed at the back of the dress, I was gutted when I gave it away.
    Back then, the hot pink colour washed me out but now, I have another hot pink dress fitted knitted summer dress and it complements me as much as everyone else does the dress.

    But back to the purpose of this thread, whenever ANYBODY, including couriers, leaves a lift after traveling for one floor, i.e. one flight of stairs, i just want to push the lazy gits out :mad: Today's society is so, so, sooo lazy.
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2013
  7. rogue49

    rogue49 Tech Kung Fu Artist Staff Member


    *ahem* excuse me...

    Sorry, that was pent up for no good reason at all.
    Well, there was a reason....Does it EVER fuckin' stop???!!!
  8. The part got back ordered from Chicago! The alternate got lost on the Grand Rapids to Lansing to Jackson shuttle! What kind of bullshit is this?
  9. Plan9 FORMAT C:

    This Island Earth
    It's easier to get a brick of cocaine right now than a brick of 9x19mm ammunition.

    Cocaine is illegal and expensive. Ammunition is neither.

    What the fuck, America?
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  10. Probably a lot easier than getting a catalytic converter for a 2003 Saturn Vue....
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  11. kramus

    kramus what I might see Donor

    Family Day lunch w my Lady & the younglings. She is told 20-25 minutes wait for our brunch (it was almost noon & we hadn't eaten anything yet today). 40 minutes later when asking how much longer it will be we find out they never wrote down our table request. The lapse would grind on me less except I still have these drains hanging out of my butt from the abscess surgery 6 weeks ago, & sitting/standing fucking hurts. The drive there, the walk in the cold, the painful hungry wait... my grumpy-meter is registering a fuck-this. Family Day means I act positive for the sake of the younglings. But man that little SNAFU burned my biscuits!
  12. Plan9 FORMAT C:

    This Island Earth
    I like where you're going with this.
  13. mixedmedia

    mixedmedia ...

    it is 5-fucking-am. kiss my ass.
  14. ChrisJericho

    ChrisJericho Careless whisper

    Fraggle Rock
    god I hate the 'Harlem Shake'
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  15. mixedmedia

    mixedmedia ...

    I hate that American Express puts the word 'Alert' into the subject line of every email message.
    It always gives me a little start when I see that word next to the words 'American Express.'
    Letting me know that I made a payment on my account is not an 'Alert' it's a 'Notice.' Am I right?
    --- merged: Feb 19, 2013 12:12 PM ---
    'Account Alert' that's the words they use. I don't like those two words together.
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 26, 2013
  16. *Nikki*

    *Nikki* Slightly Tilted

    AGREED ^^^^
  17. Plan9 FORMAT C:

    This Island Earth
    Jeans are not a logical garment to wear while engaged in any number of active shooting sports. If you can't squat or run in them because they're tight, you're handicapping yourself. If your waistband is not an acceptable holster substitute, your back pocket is not an acceptable magazine carrier. This recent flood of oddly Philistine Grey Man bullshit is hilarious in that it's like saying that a red dot sight is something for gamers and that rifle slings are strictly for grandpa's .30-06. Oh, my head.
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2013
  18. GeneticShift

    GeneticShift Show me your everything is okay face.

    I have no motivation to do absolutely anything in the lab today, and if I don't do anything I'll get bitched at. Everything is making me cranky, so I'm glowering at everyone from my corner. My mood has dramatically shifted in the hour I have been here.
  19. CinnamonGirl

    CinnamonGirl The Cheat is GROUNDED!

    Oh, my FUCKING GOD, if you do not get off your ass and WALK, I am taking your rolly chair privileges AWAY. FOREVER.
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  20. This whole day deserves to be stabbed in the neck. :mad:
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