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The Complaining and Bitching Thread

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by ASU2003, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. Japchae

    Japchae Very Tilted

    Oh look, the Insomnia's back. I wonder why?
  2. Plan9 FORMAT C:

    This Island Earth
    Probably because you made it a proper noun.

    As if it might wear a top hat and taunt you.
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  3. My head hurts. A lot.
  4. Solitary Man

    Solitary Man Very Tilted

    I should have posted this in my now locked thread called Zero Hour !
  5. amonkie

    amonkie Very Tilted

    Windy City
    I so want to have just ONE normal weekend. For the first time in a year and a half. No more of this graveyard weekend shifts shit.
  6. Speed_Gibson

    Speed_Gibson Hacking the Gibson

    Wolf 359
    Normal is being tired when you get home saturday and sunday morning, and so looking forward to going back to work later that evening. Finding this mythical "weekend" involving both saturday and sunday is something I would love to do, just the thought of sleeping at night on a regular basis sounds exciting.
  7. Freetofly

    Freetofly Diving deep into the abyss

    I did not sleep last night, that never happens to me.
    Plus I knew that tax money won't all get spent on me.
    Haha damn refrigerator went today!!!!!!
  8. Japchae

    Japchae Very Tilted

    I am not a fucking failure.
  9. mixedmedia

    mixedmedia ...

    fuck that business, lady.
  10. No you are not. Soon others will realize that. This may be tough, but you're tougher.
  11. No fucking way.
  12. Plan9 FORMAT C:

    This Island Earth
    Today was a really bad day at the range. Performance was straight-up Napoleon Dynamite. I wasn't in the zone. Or near the zone.
    Or within 500 nautical miles of the zone. Hell, I couldn't see the zone from space.

    I know that we have bad days so we can have good ones but I'm guessing there won't be a total rock star day in the near future to compensate for today's hot mess.
    I'm just glad that I got that shit out of my system today instead of at a match.​
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2013
  13. Baraka_Guru

    Baraka_Guru Möderätor Staff Member

    It's annoying when people use Facebook like Twitter (it's "live tweeting," not "live Facebook status updating"), especially when it's about something as lame as the Oscars.
  14. I am dying. Fever, chills, headache.

    It was nice knowing you... Well, most of you.
  15. mixedmedia

    mixedmedia ...

    Fever, chills, headache typifies nearly every affliction known to mankind.
    You'll have to better than that, peapod.
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  16. Plan9 FORMAT C:

    This Island Earth
    "Technically proficient but with the bedside manner of an undertaker."

    One of those: You know how I know you're a mom?
  17. mixedmedia

    mixedmedia ...

    I'll admit that technique wasn't included in our therapeutic communication lecture.
  18. cis689

    cis689 Slightly Tilted

    Damn it, Monday strikes again!
  19. Japchae

    Japchae Very Tilted

    It was sprinkling as I left to walk a friend's dog, raining as the snufflupagus tried to pee, sprinkling as I walked into the gym, deluge as I ran out of the gym to my car through a 6" deep puddle, soaking my Mizunos, sprinkling again as I ran in and out of publix, and freaking pouring as I sit in my car waiting to haul 25lbs of carrots out and into the house. My feet are soaked and I'm sweaty, tired, and totally clammy. YUCK.
  20. 6 inches of snow forecast for tomorrow.
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