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Politics The Donkey in the room...the Democrats today

Discussion in 'Tilted Philosophy, Politics, and Economics' started by ASU2003, Mar 1, 2015.

  1. pig

    pig Slightly Tilted Donor

    Not a great day for the Dems or the Biden Administration. I come back to trying to think through a simultaneous frustration with the inability of the Democratic Party to push solidly for the progressive politics I believe in and they feature in their talking points at the same time as the reality that the Big Tent they pragmatically have endorsed to have power does include moderates like Manchin, and he has consistently told them he wouldn't endorse the spending levels in this bill.

    I know that there have been a ton of actual accomplishments, very few of which are heralded very well or explained sufficiently. There is a malaise about the accomplishments and party, as it is split between pragmatic corporate power politics necessary to play and the progressive ideals that are endorsed.

    The good thing about the GOP is they can be openly coaligned in their blatant endorsement of raw economic and political power structures, because it is consistent with their bullshit Trickle Down Corporate Capitalist philosophy. The Democrats are hamstrung by their need to talk about and slowly push for liberal challenge policies while they have to endorse a financial and political GOP-Lite platform to be in power.
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  2. Chris Noyb

    Chris Noyb Get in, buckle up, hang on, & don't criticize.

    Large City, TX
    All of the above are legitimate complaints, and concerns.
    They also beg the question: How to improve in those areas?

    Rushing drugs through the approval process sounds great in theory, but is a really bad idea in practice.

    An expression comes to mind: You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink. I see a lot of Covid PSAs on TV and the internet.
  3. redux

    redux Very Tilted

    Foggy Bottom

    View: https://twitter.com/meidastouch/status/1481305910458798080

    The House will be voting on an updated version of the 'Freedom to Vote Act" today.

    It is unlikely to get even one Republican vote.

    As to why Republicans are "so terrified" of this bill, the answer is simple.

    This bill promotes making voting more accessible to all eligible voters, provide greater security (both physical and cyber) for elections and holds states accountable for efforts to make it harder for some citizens to vote.

    And that flies in the face of Republican efforts to politicize the electoral process and impose new restrictions on voting based on the claim of preventing voter fraud despite no evidence of widespread voter fraud in any federal election (congressional and presidential) in any election in our lifetime.

    For more on Republican priorities, a new report from the 'States United Democracy Center' highlights the Republican goal of instituting one party control of elections to undermine the very foundation of the electoral process...

    As one of the most challenging years in modern American history draws to a close, the emerging threat posed by efforts to subvert free and fair election administration has come into sharper focus. To put it simply, the future of fair, professional, and nonpartisan elections is on the line and the erosion of public trust in our democracy is deeply concerning.

    In our first report, A Democracy Crisis in the Making: How State Legislatures are Politicizing, Criminalizing, and Interfering with Election Administration, released in April of this year, we identified 148 bills of concern in 36 states. At that time, when the full scope of the trend was still unknown, only three had been enacted into law in three states. As of December 15, 2021, there have been at least 262 bills introduced in 41 states that would interfere with election administration — and 32 of these bills have become law across 17 states.[1]...(more)​

    Full Report: Democracy Crisis in the Making Report Update: 2021 Year-End Numbers

    More on today's vote in the House:
    House to vote on consolidated election bill Thursday, Pelosi says

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  4. pig

    pig Slightly Tilted Donor

    Eliminate gerrymandering?

    That's all you needed to say to explain Republican opposition.
  5. rogue49

    rogue49 Tech Kung Fu Artist Staff Member

    Actually, that's a misunderstanding by them...short-sighted.
    It's Dems that are gaining by redistricting currently, GOP is not as in control
    And the courts are getting involved too, more active.

    What Redistricting Looks Like In Every State

    There's more high competitive seats...even chance. It's still going back and forth.
    The Dems are giving them an out.

    That's because the population is changing ...more independent, more evenly distributed.
    The GOP is likely to see their Electoral advantage fade. (Texas is even changing)

    The Dems may be imperfect...but at least they have ideas that cater to citizens.
    The GOP is out of ideas...it's just fire and brimstone these days. They'll win here and there...but the average is leaning to the Dems.
    The public may be annoyed or disappointed by the Dems...but they'll not as likely vote for someone who just shouts.
    The public thinks more now...the ones that catered to one party or another are fading off. They vote for the person. (especially after Covid croaks a good portion of the aged)

    IMHO :rolleyes:
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2022 at 10:45 AM
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