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Politics The Donkey in the room...the Democrats today

Discussion in 'Tilted Philosophy, Politics, and Economics' started by ASU2003, Mar 1, 2015.

  1. Shadowex3

    Shadowex3 Very Tilted

    Case in point, the previous two posters who will go to great lengths to defend people who embrace some of the most longstanding virulent racist (and ironically misogynist) anti-semites in the US just because they're left and therefore can do no wrong. In fact at least one of these posters has openly engaged in extreme, blatant, naked antisemitism to the extent of openly quoting centuries old anti-jew conspiracies about jewish money and jewish control over media and governments.

    Left wing antisemitism is out of control. It's violent, it's armed, it's uniformed and carrying a flag, and it grows from the bottom all the way to the very top of the left's largest populist movements and institutions thanks to the universal defense it receives from every level of the left as shown here in this very thread. A level of defense driven by such blind fanaticism that left wing jew haters will openly claim, at the same time, in the same post, that every single news report documenting the rampant and naked jew hatred among the left is simultaneously the product of alt-right nazis AND a jewish conspiracy.

    It's no wonder that right wing antisemites feel comfortable speaking up again. After all the left has shown them for over a decade now that it's ok to form violent mobs that literally scream "DIE JEW" while physically trying to beat down locked and barricaded doors jews are hiding behind in terror. The left has shown that it's ok to send large heavily armed flag carrying uniformed militias to hold a modern day kristallnacht just to stop multiple jews from speaking at their university. The left has shown that it's ok for the leaders of their million person strong movement to cheer on holocaust deniers who claim the Jews control governments around the world and are the children of satan and to personally rant and rave about how Jews control the media and are conspiring against them in secret.

    And the left has shown on this forum that when a Jew speaks up about the violence, the terrorism, the mobs of people literally screaming "DIE JEW", that jew will be called a right wing nazi who's posting right wing nazi lies and conspiracies from a jew-controlled media.

    I left the country because of people like you.

    Let that sink in. It wasn't the right wingers. It was you. You directly contributed to a Jew fleeing the country he was born in to escape antisemitism.

  2. redux

    redux Very Tilted

    Foggy Bottom
    Putting aside the Shadow person's third or fourth ignorant personal attack of the integrity and character of TFP community members.....

    Facts matter!

    From a 2017 Trump's Government Accountability Office (GAO) report:

    "...White supremacists, anti-government extremists, radical Islamist extremists, and other ideologically inspired domestic violent extremists have been active in the United States for decades. Examples of attacks include the 1993 World Trade Center bombing by radical Islamists, in which 6 persons were killed; and the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah federal building by anti-government far right individuals, in which 168 lives were lost. The September 11, 2001, attacks account for the largest number of fatalities in the United States in a single or closelyrelated attack resulting from violent extremism in recent decades. While the September 11, 2001, attacks were perpetrated by foreign violent extremists, from September 12, 2001 through December 31, 2016, attacks by domestic or “homegrown” violent extremists in the United States resulted in 225 fatalities, according to the ECDB. Of these, 106 were killed by far right violent extremists in 62 separate incidents, and 119 were victims of radical Islamist violent extremists in 23 separate incidents. Figure 1 shows the locations and number of fatalities involved in these incidents. A detailed list of the incidents can be found in appendix II. According to the ECDB, activities of far left wing violent extremist groups did not result in any fatalities during this period....



    See ya!

    Dont let the door hit you on the way out.
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2018
  3. redravin

    redravin Cynical Optimist Donor

    Um, I am Jewish and I have received anti-Semitic responses in my life, none of it from the left.

    I'm sorry you feel this way but I would argue that if you want to change America you have to stay and fight for change.
    This was something I learned from my grandfather, the labor activist, and my mother, the peace activist.

    I agree that there is a problem with antisemitism on the left.
    They make the issues in Palestine totally black and white (South Africa, anyone) without bothering to understand any of the history or people.
    This makes it easy to demonize Israel and by extension Jews, without bothering to realize that many Jews aren't happy with the governments handling of the situation.
    It's stupid, short sighted and asinine.
    The few people I've run across who feel like this are willing to grudgingly change their mind when presented with facts but damn, it's like pushing water up hill.
    The left loves to take the side of an underdog and refuses to see any complexities.

    As to the people here, dude...
    I've never seen anyone here being anti-Semitic (and yes, I would notice).
    Sure, they will argue with you but that isn't an attack on your religion (or mine).
  4. Shadowex3

    Shadowex3 Very Tilted

    As opposed to literally quoting the KKK, Mein Kampf, and Protocols of the Elders of Zion with repeated accusations of Jews using their Jew-money to control governments and every media source from the New York Times on down to local outlets as part of a worldwide conspiracy to promote a Jewish Agenda?

    Because the almost universally pro-police right are totally going to commit terrorist acts in protest against the police's actions at WACO. Killing government employees and police officers to protest police brutality is very solidly in the realm of left wing extremists. Such as the multiple police murders directly inspired by, openly called for and demanded by (with chants of "What do we want? DEAD COPS!"), and committed in the name of BLM.

    Multiple murders including a mass shooting by a sniper in direct response to the mass calls for the murder of police to avenge the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile's which incidentally enough...

    Have been completely erased and swept under the rug. The ECDB is clearly not doing it's job worth a damn. Then again it wouldn't be the first government body to go to extreme lengths to fabricate fraudulent results in order to preserve a left wing agenda, after all the CDC to this day continues their deliberate misinformation campaign based on erasing male victims of female rapists by classifying them as "other" and then reporting only female victims of male rapists as "rape" victims to the public.

    Ladies and gentlemen I give you the modern day left. All that talk about minorities goes right out the window when we say something they don't want to hear. They start openly and nakedly quoting centuries old racist conspiracy theories, ranting about how we use our jew gold to control the government and media and conspire against them, cheer on armed flag carrying militias that use violence to try and stop us from even speaking in public, defend holocaust deniers and naked blatant racists, and cheer when we're driven out of the country after years of constant racism and death threats.

    Ironic that a group of people obsessed with holocaust imagery and sky-is-falling cries of impending fascism can't see the parallels with their armed militia with a black uniform, black and red flag, that violently rioted and started fires to prevent a Jew from speaking at a university.

    You're getting it right now. When people talk about the "Jewish Media" and Jews using their Jew-money to control governments and the media for a "Jewish Agenda" they're talking about you too no matter how much you want to pretend they're not.
  5. redux

    redux Very Tilted

    Foggy Bottom
    And, there you go, ladies and gentlemen.

    More of the same hate, twisting of the facts and false accusations from the Shadow person directed at members of the TFP community.

    You made your point, Shadow person, that you believe you are a victim of left wing antisemitism and that you believe it is rampant in the US, despite the facts.

    Please refrain from any further false allegations directed at me ore other members of the community.

    Time to move on.
  6. redravin

    redravin Cynical Optimist Donor

    Right now?
    The only people I've seen talking about Jewish media or Jew-money, etc. etc. is the alt-right and neo-Nazis.
    Oh yeah, they call us globalists, internationalists, East Coast types, and the "controlled media" (because we all know who controls it).
    Then there are the "moderates" and Pentecostals who like to tell me they love the Jews but hate the Zionists.
    Fuck them very much.

    And if you are talking here on TFP, WTF?
    I've never seen such a thing.
  7. Shadowex3

    Shadowex3 Very Tilted

    You've not only seen it, you've actively participated in threads where it's happened. I'd link you but the mods threw the posts down the memory hole.

    I gave you tons of facts from major mainstream news outlets. Even left wing ones. And it is also a fact that you responded to those facts by accusing everyone from the New York Times on down of being part of a worldwide Jewish conspiracy, controlled by Jew money to promote a Jew agenda. Had those posts not been oh so very conveniently swept under the rug and deleted I'd link you right back to them. Then again you'd probably say that was fake and part of the same Jewish conspiracy that you said controls the New York Times, Guardian, and plenty of other mainstream news outlets.

    Also, "Shadow person"... really? Just stop pretending and call me a dirty zio like the rest of your friends you're defending.
  8. redravin

    redravin Cynical Optimist Donor


    Jadzia used to accuse me of having a mind like sieve but, yeah no, on this one.
    I'm sure that is the way you felt on reading the responses to your posts but I read the posts and got a completely different vibe.
    I promise, I'm completely up to date with all the dog whistle terms and even the fog horn ones.
    If anyone here had actually used them I would have called them out on it, I don't care what side of the fence they were sitting on.

    I know you don't believe that.
    I know you feel attacked, harassed, and mistreated.
    But you are a fellow Jew no matter how much we might disagree on politics, etc. I am on your side when it is all said and done.
    I have relatives in Israel who are super conservative and we agree on just about nothing when it comes to politics but they are still family.
  9. redux

    redux Very Tilted

    Foggy Bottom
    Sorry, but I am not on the side of one who makes false and ignorant accusations against the character, integrity or motives, of others w/o indisputable facts and evidence..and there are no such facts in this case (and there were no such facts EVER) to support those ugly and malicious allegations...NONE!
  10. Shadowex3

    Shadowex3 Very Tilted

    Oh there certaintly aren't anymore, not after all those posts where you responded to articles from everybody from the Guardian to the New York Times by accusing them of being part of a worldwide jewish conspiracy were conveniently thrown down the memory hole.

    You wouldn't, and I know because you didn't.
  11. redravin

    redravin Cynical Optimist Donor

    As I pointed out in the post, that was because I didn't see any and yes, I read all the posts.
    As I mentioned, I am also aware of all the possible buzzwords.

    The people here have proven to be nothing but caring and supportive even during the most troubling times (especially during those times).
    I would hope you take that into consideration.
  12. Derwood

    Derwood Slightly Tilted

    Columbus, OH
    You missed Rick Tyler


    He's putting up billboards saying "Make America White Again!"
  13. redravin

    redravin Cynical Optimist Donor


    That was slimy even by white nationalist standards.
    It's like the guy was playing nutjob bingo to make his website.
  14. redux

    redux Very Tilted

    Foggy Bottom
    More on John Fitzgerald, the anti-Semitic holocaust denier running as a Republican for Congress that I first identified in an earlier post (#100)

    California GOP congressional candidate runs as open Holocaust denier

    Posted on his website last week:
    Why Are Powerful Jews Pushing Mass-Immigration And Forced-Multiculturalism Throughout The U.S. And Europe?


    And there was another neo-Nazi,, Patrick Little, who ran as a Republican in the primary for US Senate in
    California last month, challenging Diane Feinstein.

    Supporters of neo-Nazi running for Senate promote anti-Semitic robocalls

    He did not make the top two, but nearly 60,000 Californians voted for him and he now claims on his campaign website:

    "...We accomplished something huge on June 5th’s Election Day. With a shoestring budget, and despite illegal censorship and slandering on major platforms, we rang the bells of patriotism across the Internet, and we certainly flooded ballot boxes all throughout California. Every splotch of ink next to the name “Patrick Little” represented a declaration of freedom for all Americans.

    Jewish elites, hell-bent on enslaving us, played their usual tricks in a bid to maintain power. After it was revealed that I was polling at 18% in 2nd place, they rigged their next poll to claim that I was at “0%,” and were quick to report on it. This was a ruse to create an impression of disinterest for my campaign..."

    Patrick Little Names the Jew, US Senate ‘18
  15. rogue49

    rogue49 Tech Kung Fu Artist Staff Member


    -+-{Important TFP Staff Message}-+-
    OK...let's bring this back ON TOPIC
    From what I've seen from the start this has nothing to do with the Democrats

    It seems that there may be another thread on this other topic already
    Please use that one...keep to the Dems on this one.

    AND please refrain from attacking other members
    AND please keep your passions under some control and discretion

    This is a discussion board...not a shouting board.
  16. rogue49

    rogue49 Tech Kung Fu Artist Staff Member

    There Is a Revolution on the Left. Democrats Are Bracing.

    It looks like that many libs are tired of the same ol' establishment playbook od Pelosi, Schumer and Feinstien, etc...

    In a way I agree, they've had no spine or push for a long time. Playing too careful a game.
    They need a hope, a cause, words to chant, a battle to fight.
    Not just the "we're NOT the GOP" mindset...or "Let them defeat themselves"
    The Dems need the passion...something to vote FOR.

    But you have to be careful...ya can't take it too far...become the progressive version of the Libertarians.
    Keep it under control...but have an energy to it.
    It CAN be done, y'know.

    Obama showed it when he first came around, for example. Bernie tapped into it...but his ideas were too radical for Wall Street, corporations and such.
    You don't want a tornado, you want a whistling teapot.
    Remember we play on a shared field.
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  17. ASU2003

    ASU2003 Very Tilted

    Where ever I roam
    Yes, I am getting into it with some of my progressive friends. They need details and a vision for how their ideas would work. The left doesn't have the think tanks and TV shows to explain how it should work. (which is a fundamental problem that the left wing issue groups and national party can't seem to figure out)

    Get some attractive 20 and 30 somethings who are good at debating, have clean histories, and have no fear to go on national TV and college tours to push an agenda... The conservatives are doing it. Hell the Russians are doing it. I am having trouble thinking of one liberal in their 20's who is on TV.



    I know 18 year old me would have been voting for those two.
  18. redravin

    redravin Cynical Optimist Donor

    She has been doing a pretty good job of it lately.


  19. ASU2003

    ASU2003 Very Tilted

    Where ever I roam
    Alexandria isn't bad, but she is running for office. While that is the most important part of the strategy, they still need some people who can go on TV, YouTube, and big cities to counter Tomi, Milo, Shapiro and more. The party needs to figure out how they can reach 14-24 year olds to get them to actively support the causes and to not be afraid to admit that the left is the majority in this country. Stop debating and just explain why and how their ideas are better.

    It might not be PC either, but Alexandria is a coastal liberal. Which the party does need to step up and show how good their lives are. But the left also needs to find some Midwestern, Northern, and Southern advocates who have done some jobs where they got their hands dirty before. Motivating the base is one thing, convincing people to be part of the base is another.
  20. redux

    redux Very Tilted

    Foggy Bottom
    We're seeing a number of positive trends for Democrats, most notably more first time candidates, more women candidates and more enthusiasm among younger voters.

    And they dont all look or sound like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, nor should they As noted above, she is a great fit for a district in the Bronx and Queens with a younger, more diverse demographic, but not so much in swing districts across the country.

    Several women veterans are running to unseat incumbent Republicans in the House and they are running on economic and family issues as well as maintaining a strong defense.

    Amy McGrath, Once a Fighter Pilot, Wins Democratic Primary for Kentucky’s 6th District

    In Texas, "A war hero is running for Congress, and she just dropped one of 2018's best political ads"

    Her campaign video went viral recently, resulting in record number of campaign contributions.

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zi6v4CYNSIQ

    Another positive development, resulting in part from the Parkland, Florida school shooting and the activism of the students:

    Analysis: Youth voter registration surges after Parkland
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