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The TFP Health Club

Discussion in 'Tilted Life and Sexuality' started by Mister Coaster, Dec 9, 2011.

  1. Baraka_Guru

    Baraka_Guru Möderätor Staff Member

    Simply put, the body mainly uses a mixture of glucose and fat.

    Also, Lindy , you should clarify by stating that a high carb with high fat diet by mass, not proportion, and in excess to the daily net energy expenditure is so fat-o-genic.
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  2. Fangirl

    Fangirl Very Tilted Donor

    Barring pre-existing conditions, your joints should not ache after yoga. My guess is you are over stretching and you need ease up a bit. What type and what level of yoga are you doing?
  3. Freetofly

    Freetofly Diving deep into the abyss

    It's a tradional yoga I think. I told the teacher how I was feeling and he is working with me now. Over stretching is the first thing he mentioned, go at your own pace. Well I didn't know that going into this, I was just trying to keep up with everyone. lol I'm feeling much better after classes and feel different mental also.

    No arthritis thank goodness, I was starting to think that was the problem. Thank you Fangirl!
  4. Fangirl

    Fangirl Very Tilted Donor

    Good that you spoke with the instructor! (And as always, you are welcome!)
    Yoga is 'gentle, but firm' is how I perceive it. Ya' never want to force anything, ever. I know it's hard not to try and keep up with your classmates (I've been there!) but try to focus on you and follow your instructor's lead with the caveat that you adapt your postures for your body.
    Age and body-type do impact what you can do but it's amazing how much flexibility and muscle toning you will gain if you stay with it.
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  5. Cayvmann

    Cayvmann Very Tilted Donor

    Well, it has taken a couple of months but I'm down 7 pounds with calorie accounting. The my fitness pal app has been enlightening ( pun? ). I'm not only aware of my calories, but my macro-nutrient breakdown too. Woot! I weighed 237.8 this morning. 220 is probably attainable by summer, if I don't go wild with the icecream. I think I'd like to see 200 again.
  6. Baraka_Guru

    Baraka_Guru Möderätor Staff Member

    First of all, congratulations!

    Second... psst...! If you want to eat ice cream, consider eating this instead: So Delicous Dairy Free | Coconut Milk Ice Creams

    Don't be discouraged by the saturated fat content. The majority of fat in coconut consists of medium-chain fats (as opposed to the long-chain fats found in animal products and other plants). The body uses this fat for an immediate energy source via the liver rather than storing it. Therefore, the saturated fat in coconut is different from the saturated fat in animal products (i.e., not all saturated fat is the same).

    Also, I've tried the chocolate. It's delicious.

    You get bonus points for choosing a version with no sugar added.
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  7. Cayvmann

    Cayvmann Very Tilted Donor

    I may have to try that. My mom is a (semi)vegan. ( don't ask ). She might enjoy the coconut ice cream too.
  8. Baraka_Guru

    Baraka_Guru Möderätor Staff Member

    Personal update:

    I've been meaning to clean up my lifestyle/habits. I haven't been exercising enough, and my diet has been based on too many convenience foods. It's a cycle that feeds into itself. I'm too tired/lazy to cook, but that's because I don't exercise enough, and I need to eat right if I'm going to exercise as much as I want to.

    So it's about intervening on my usual patterns. Just do it. Or something.

    I cooked something simple and completely from scratch last night, and I plan on cooking more. I'm going to start lifting weights again. I just can't seem to get into yoga again. I suppose it's because I'm unsure about what I'm doing or where I'm going with it. Lifting weights I know. I have weights at home. It's going to be free, just like the yoga.

    I'm a keep-it-simple kind of guy. Simple food. Simple routine.

    Here's the routine, to jump-start my body:
    • Straight-leg deadlift
    • Deadlift
    • Dumbbell lunge
    • Push-up
    • Bent-over dumbbell row
    • Dumbbell shoulder press
    • Weighted crunch
    I do this starting tomorrow afternoon. I'll do it as a 3/week workout. I've already picked up a tub of vegetarian protein powder (soy, rice, and pea). Now I have my sights set on eating a lot more whole grains and legumes.

    My body is craving this. I've been doing little else other than walking for many months now. It's been a long winter, despite it being so mild.

    Wish me luck.
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2012
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  9. snowy

    snowy so kawaii Staff Member Donor

    Baraka_Guru: Do you have a Crockpot? I would really recommend it if you don't. It makes cooking vegan meals from scratch way easier, as you can make lentil soup, beans, vegetable stews, bean soups, etc. without much effort. We've got one with a timer so that we can just set it up in the morning to cook beans, or lentils at lunch, and come home to dinner.
  10. Baraka_Guru

    Baraka_Guru Möderätor Staff Member

    I have a 6-quart bad boy. It was mentioned on my "staple food" list I made a few minutes ago. I'm going to use it weekly (I hope) to put together lentil/bean/pea soup. I love soup and would eat it every day if I could. It will also provide good hydration if I'm going to be sweating a lot. Any quick and simple recipes you want to toss my way?
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2012
  11. Freetofly

    Freetofly Diving deep into the abyss

    I wish you luck! A little push is all you need. I was doing the same thing, power walking. So I started yoga, it's pretty intense. I still get the vertigo, trying to correct it with " lining some crystals in my ear" or something like that.
    Let us know how it goes.

    Snowy uses the same thing I do, crockpot. Works great when you have little time.
  12. Cayvmann

    Cayvmann Very Tilted Donor

    I got the working out and lifting thing going well now. Now I have to figure out a stretching routine to do a few times a week. I only tend to stretch when I lift. There is a yoga thing on my Wii fitness...
  13. highjinx

    highjinx "My phobia drowned while i was gettin' down."

    venice beach
    i had a quick question that wasn't really answered when i googled it.

    i went from drinking soda all the time about a year and a half ago to gatorade and then after a few months of that to low-cal gatorade (g2 or powerade zero). now i have it where i drink water in the daytime and then when i get home i drink a mix of juice from trader joe's and low cal gator/powerade. i even try to mix in water to the g2 when i drink out half of that so i'm not drinking as much. that said, i do drink 2 or 3 32oz. bottles a day of them.

    i know and have read about how bad straightup gatorade is, but am i being relatively healthy and moderate enough with what i'm doing with the lo cal stuff? are there sport drink land mines i'm not aware of?
  14. rogue49

    rogue49 Tech Kung Fu Artist Staff Member Donor

    Just signed up for a weekly after-work bike ride with my company.
    Includes my boss's boss...so I guess I'll have to be on my best behavior. :eek:
  15. Baraka_Guru

    Baraka_Guru Möderätor Staff Member

    Today is my first workout in my first full week on a new program.

    I've been thinking about my protein sources. I want to supplement specifically for the training to add 25 g to 50 g extra per day depending on whether it's a training day or not. This will be one or two scoops of protein powder. I currently have a multiple-source powder: soy, pea, rice protein. I have also used a hemp protein, but now I'm onto hemp hearts instead, as they're more nutritious and versatile.

    However, I've been looking more into fermented rice protein. I used a product made by Heartland. It's priced fairly well. However, I've been hearing more about a brand called Sun Warrior, which is supposed to be fantastic, but it's pricier (though still decent compared to the often-overpriced whey products). I'll have to compare it to the Heartland product to see the difference.

    I'm learning more about the nature of plant protein. Hemp protein is highly utilized because of its similarities to the protein in our blood plasma. On the other hand, fermented raw sprouted rice protein has a close comparison to the protein in mother's milk. It has a high amino acid profile comparable to whey (and higher than hemp). It has a high absorption rate. It's likely the best option out there for vegetarians/vegans (and even a great option for non-vegetarians). It's a "live" protein compared to a lot of the "dead" protein out there.

    If Heartland is virtually the same product (fermented raw sprouted rice protein), I will stick with that because it's cheaper.

    Beyond supplementation, I'm going to boost my intake of legumes such as black beans and lentils. Other than that, my protein intake has been pretty well balanced.
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2012
  16. Freetofly

    Freetofly Diving deep into the abyss

    Headed to the river, for a nice long walk this morning. It is so scenic and quite, good way to start a Sunday.
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  17. Cayvmann

    Cayvmann Very Tilted Donor

    Was down to 236 lbs yesterday. That's 9 down and several to go. Losing slowly, but it's coming off, and I'm not starving or doing anything crazy. Win-win
  18. Freetofly

    Freetofly Diving deep into the abyss

    That is great, losing slowly is the best! What's your goal?
  19. Cayvmann

    Cayvmann Very Tilted Donor

    My immediate goal is to get down to 220 this summer, and probably under 200 for the long haul. I have a slight case of bigorexia and can't stand getting smaller... It's silly, but a lot of my identity is in my muscularity. I'll get over it
  20. streak_56

    streak_56 I'm doing something, going somewhere...

    C eh N eh D eh....
    Since this is the health club, I'm curious about the value of rice? Right now I'm using it as a substitute for pretty much everything I love eating, along with salad (with balsamic vinaigrette). My work outs consist of one major muscle group along with cardio and I was wondering if eating more or less rice will help with that.... I really don't know if its any good and I'm hoping I can eat more to stave off more cravings for bad foods.