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The TFP Health Club

Discussion in 'Tilted Life and Sexuality' started by Mister Coaster, Dec 9, 2011.

  1. Cayvmann

    Cayvmann Very Tilted

    Well, I've finally gone low-carb for about 4 years, the last year has been mainly carnivore. My weight is down 50 lbs, I no longer need BP meds, my cholesterol is perfect, with a high HDL count, and I haven't counted a damned calorie the whole time. Woot. Never going back to the land of carbs. And it all started when I figured out I had celiac and dropped the grains. Gut is happy
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  2. omega

    omega Very Tilted

    I have not gone low carb, but overall lower carb. Used to pound all sorts of sugary crap. Literal sugar candies like smarties, bottles of coke. Have moved to sugarfree sodas and cut out most deserts. And smaller portions when I do. Bodyweight is gradually dropping.
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  3. rogue49

    rogue49 Tech Kung Fu Artist Staff Member

    Started back up at Gold's Gym again.
    Back to my old gym, but it's been refurbished and expanded. (20 min away, but worth it)
    But things seemed to sync as before.
    Signed up for gold membership, so I can go to any in the chain...plus extras.

    Started simple, hit the video bike I liked so much, Expresso, my old login still worked and had my past trials.
    Picked a simpler but favored trail/vid for 5 miles...and did very well, 2 yrs later since my last try before the Virus. Beat my record by 1.5 minutes.

    Then didn't have much time to do strength training before an appt back near home.
    So focus on a few basics. Biceps, Triceps and upper chest.
    Still was invigorating.
    Can't wait until a much longer venture. (this was 30min, usually I do 90 min)

    I can feel my body returning.
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  4. rogue49

    rogue49 Tech Kung Fu Artist Staff Member

    Did an Ecstatica dance last night... :D
    2 hours of non-stop dancing with no rules
    People can do anything (with content, when with another) - fast, slow, gyrate, stomp, crawl, flow, jigs, salsa, etc. and so on...whatever suits the mood and whim of YOU at the time.
    Heck some even roll on the floor, or couples+ cuddle to the side.

    Set in a large space, with thin sturdy carpeting, mostly EDM music by all types and styles from all cultures.
    People dancing in very comfortable clothing, like sweats or even silks and such. Whatever suits your mood, you can even change at any time.
    Barefoot, for stability and grounding, shoes don't tear up the floor and for comfort.
    All ages, body types, sexes, roles, etc...very diverse group, both new people and experienced.
    No judgement.
    Space is very respected.

    Now you do work up a furious sweat.
    So much so, you may want to step aside or sit or lay, anytime, to rest, breathe, drink...and towel off. (you bring your own drink, towels, change of clothing...cell phones off)

    It was invigorating. Dynamic. Intense, soothing...all the above.
    The key is your body is moving, living.

    Mostly I danced with myself...doing everything under the sun. I'm very big these days, so not much getting off the ground. (stretching before during and after is important)
    One young lady took some interest in dancing with me here and there...we didn't touch (it seemed right) but we flowed around each other, sometime syncing our movements (even slowly and close a few times)
    We met after, while I was assisting braking down and closing up. She was very nice, just moved to the area, as I have...we hugged and talked briefly, but respected that it wasn't a pickup thing. (maybe later)

    At the start, we're given rules & guidance. Consent, respect, space awareness, not too radical, don't damage the venue, areas of rest, etc. Then beginning exercises of encouragement, to get you into it.
    At the end, slow and go to the floor, laying and listening to harmonics under colored moving lights...very hypnotic. And a good way to cool off. Breathe.

    After, a few intros, according to people's comfort level. (if you don't want to talk, you don't)
    Some left immediately, some helped out (like me), some just chitchatted

    I will tell you, I was exhausted (in a good way)
    Had to eat...drink tons of water.
    Fell asleep quick, then woke and showered in the middle of the night.
    Now zoning, typing away here.
    But the body feels good. :cool:

    Can't wait to do it again in 2 weeks. :)
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  5. fflowley

    fflowley Don't just do something, stand there!

    Very cool!
    I'm way too socially avoidant with new people, and conscious of the fact that I have no rhythm or dancing ability, to ever do something like that but it sounds great.
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  6. rogue49

    rogue49 Tech Kung Fu Artist Staff Member

    It doesn’t matter if you don’t have anything
    It’s just getting there and staying.

    Hell, I once saw a guy stand in the middle of the floor, standing still, staring into the distance…for 5 hours.
    No one said anything, they just went around him.

    Like I said, no rules
    You just gotta go in…and respect others’ space.

    People are very cool, they’d totally embrace you. :)
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  7. PonyPotato

    PonyPotato Very Tilted

    Columbus, OH
    I finally bought a scale to get serious about losing weight. Going low carb because my body responds well to it historically. Replacing my brown rice with cauliflower rice and skipping hash browns with breakfast (). I should probably do calorie tracking again, but myfitnesspal isn’t free the way it used to be for adjusting macros, so I’m not sure where to go with that. Also going to invest in some more weights to do more strength training, since cardio feels super good but more muscle mass will help me lose fat through calorie restriction. I know I’ve lost some weight already since April, but I still weigh the most I ever have in my life and could use a reduction of 20-25 lbs or so to get to a BMI of 24 or less.
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  8. Dayja New Member

    Check out the app cronometer, you can adjust the Marco- as well as micronutrient goals. You can also export the data in detail or summary in csv for analysis.
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  9. rogue49

    rogue49 Tech Kung Fu Artist Staff Member

    I rode "Drifters Peak" 10.2 mile in 44:45 and burned 446 calories.

    As I said, I just started up again at Gold’s Gym after 2 years

    Got one of my favorite bike rides back, Expresso machine.
    As I previously posted, I was surprised on my first ride, just 5 mile small rise, I beat my record by 1:30
    And even more so, on the 2nd ride, 6 mile and with hills, moderate level, I beat my record by 5 minutes!

    But this one kicked my ass…
    I like it just because of the Sci-Fi look...But it’s essentially a mountain, heavy hills and rides going up
    Glide and ride fast going down. (Up to 25% grades, avg 10%)

    That first part, I was sweating it…Oi Vey.
    Didn’t beat my “ghost” record (it finished 8 min before me). But at least I beat the pace bike by a minute.
    Took me 15 minutes of cooling off after to recover, geez.

    But still not bad after 2 years off. Just means more space to improve.
    Need to take off this Pandemic round I got in the past year.
    Step by step, bit by bit.

    I'm now going in the early mornings (totally different than my previous evening patter)
    And going multiple days in a row, pacing myself, going slow (don't want to injure myself going too fast or intense)
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  10. omega

    omega Very Tilted

    So on vacation my family rented a motorboat with captain to go tubing and try waterskiing. Never waterskiied before. First pull I got up on the water, then fell over. Was pulling so hard on the rope that the handle snapped all tbe way back to the boat and hit my sister on the forearm. Second attempt got up and rode around 10 yards before falling over. Third attempt got partway up before something popped in my hamstring. That's right, first time I ever tore a muscle. Was obviously pretty freaked out at first. Worried about how bad it was, the next five days of vacation, would I need surgery, etc. Fortunately it was a pretty minor tear of only a few fibers. Nothing detached. Took a couple of days for bruising to appear. Had me limping for a few days. Won't risk pushing it because any time it fires for stability it hurts. But it is getting better.
  11. Lindy

    Lindy Moderator Staff Member Donor

    You put a like on an old post (from 2011) of mine in this thread... reminded me that I've now been living in Lincoln for almost ten years. I still watch my carbs, but not as diligent as I once was. Rarely eat a breakfast at home (usually a 'brunch' around noonish and an early evening supper) but went out with BF to a diner Sunday about 1pm. Had 2 eggs over easy, two nice big sausage links, and one slice of whole wheat toast.
    Controlled carb regime helps me keep my weight stable., usually within a pound or two of 109lbs. I feel genetically lucky, or blessed, or something like that.:)
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  12. rogue49

    rogue49 Tech Kung Fu Artist Staff Member

    Please have a doctor check it out, to make sure it heals correct.
    I had this happen to me years ago, stretching for karate. (with a machine)
    I went a bit too far...felt a small twinge in my left inner thigh.
    Released immediately...but the next morning my inner thigh looked like a big blueberry.

    I didn't feel much pain. Didn't see a doctor or otherwise.
    But to this day, didn't heal correctly and I cannot stretch split beyond a certain point. (no matter the times practiced)

    Now, it's not like I have the need to kick that way, in normal life...or for fights or martial arts. (no one should, except circus performers and gymnasts...this is not the movies)
    But still, it would be nice to have that flexibility still.

    Take care of yourself. Hope it heals nicely.
  13. omega

    omega Very Tilted

    I did go to the dr as soon as I got home. His assessment was what I suspected. It's a relatively minor tear so nothing for surgery and really the only treatment is rest. Basically, if it hurts, don't do it. At this point there is no pain around the house. When I did legs last Thursday (prior to covid symptoms) I did no direct hamstring work. Squats I went up to 185, about 60% of my working weight. No issues there. For myself, it took about 2 days for bruising to show. And then gradually looked worse as gravity pulled blood down the leg.
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  14. rogue49

    rogue49 Tech Kung Fu Artist Staff Member

    Ok, got a nice momentum going...to the point I have to worry about limits and moderation.
    While I'm feeling the energy and drive...I'm not Superman. Nope, I'm a getting back in shape, overweight, 53 year old man.
    Gravity works, Sleep is needed, injuries still exist. :oops:

    So 2 days ago, I was pushing myself after 1.5 years of not working out and the ACL replacement surgery before that…
    I was able to press near my record of 16 45lbs plates on the leg press. (Doing it safely and without a spotter)
    Now I did 14 45 lbs. plates (3 sets of 8 )
    Although previously it was together, here it was separated...7 plates for each leg.
    And I felt I “could” do more…but I held back.

    Glad I did…because later at home, I could distinctly feel an ache near where my ACL was repaired.
    That shows me, that IS a factor. (safety, limits, strength between legs, etc.)
    So this will be something to account for and be aware of.
    Happy my instincts/spidey sense was spot on.

    I try to make sure to get in rest & recovery days...avg 1 off day for every 2 active days.
    I need it...because I DO feel the impact, whether my mind wants it or not, my body says enough.


    So, I did the Ecstatica Dance again last night. :cool:
    Still just as fun and vigorous. (and sweaty)
    I am getting experienced in it...felt a more relaxed/familiar rhythm with dancing and with others that joined.
    As noted above, I was aware of that ache in my knee...so didn't want to push it.
    So I adjusted my dance to emphasize a style that was more grounded, relaxed, flowing.
    Beside I was tense from work...and the build up & prep of upcoming adventures.

    Surprised that a young lady still remembered me from the Interfusion festival 2 years ago.
    She remembered engaging and dancing with me on its late night Ecstatica dances.
    Following my Primal movements, attempting to represent the raw power of the Tiger style from my Karate past.
    She said that they got pics of us both doing this. Showing the strong movements.

    And this time she engaged and danced with me again some, :D
    here following me, as I was doing a more Snake style...incorporating in Bob Fosse movements like he did as The Snake in The Little Prince....or the slowness of the Boa from Jungle Book.
    I wanted to do this to keep slow and grounded...not push the knee/ACL...and stretch quite a bit too.

    She complimented me after saying that I was moving very limber and flowing. (which is saying something for a big guy :oops:)
    Perhaps we can dance again...

    Either way; got to not get too intense in the next some days.
    Wouldn't do to get injured, be achy, cramp up and lose rest.
    Limits within reason.
    I've got other things to do right now that take priority.
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2021