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The Walking Dead

Discussion in 'Tilted Entertainment' started by cynthetiq, Oct 8, 2011.

  1. MeltedMetalGlob

    MeltedMetalGlob ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED??? Donor

    San Huevos, USA
    Okay, how's this?

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  2. cynthetiq

    cynthetiq Administrator Staff Member Donor

    New York City
    I lost interest at end of season 2. Or was it 3. I'm not sure anymore. But lost interest and can't seem to bring myself to want to watch it.
  3. Leto

    Leto Slightly Tilted

    The Danforth
    The only free tv that I have seen it on is AMC. Last week it was a marathon.
  4. Chris Noyb

    Chris Noyb Get in, buckle up, hang on, & don't criticize.

    Large City, TX
    We were getting TWD reruns on My20, channel 20 in Houston, which is part of Fox.
  5. *Nikki*

    *Nikki* Slightly Tilted


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  6. Daval

    Daval Getting Tilted

    Anyone watching this still? I found the first two episodes to be on the weak side. I'm sure there will be a kick-ass war vs. Negan coming soon and they need to set up all of the players in that war, but it's just not as riveting as it once was.

    The whole junkyard scene I thought was quite silly. A lot of the other stuff they've shown has been believable with
    hilltop, alexandria, saviors, even the kingdom for the most part. They all have eccentric leaders but for the most part the populace is normal. I'm not sure what to think of the new group - very gothy/emo - are they in the comic books? The apocalypse happened like 2 or 3 years earlier - whats with the weird speech and names?

    Anyhow - i'm really hoping the season gets really good really fast because in all honesty its starting to lose me slowly.....
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  7. ralphie250

    ralphie250 Fully Erect Donor

    still watching it, yes, sometimes I wonder where in the hell there going with some of the storylines
  8. ralphie250

    ralphie250 Fully Erect Donor

    is it just me or does the king seem like a wussy
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  9. ChrisJericho

    ChrisJericho Careless whisper

    Yeah the last few episodes have been more like the Snoring Dead. I haven't enjoyed it very much this season.
  10. ralphie250

    ralphie250 Fully Erect Donor

  11. ralphie250

    ralphie250 Fully Erect Donor

    starting to seem like every season is based on a new person that they run across, are the comics that way?
  12. ChrisJericho

    ChrisJericho Careless whisper

    Overall a pretty disappointing season. Things just dragged on after the premiere's death scene and the season finale was lackluster. I found myself questioning why I even watch this show anymore.
  13. Basically.
  14. ralphie250

    ralphie250 Fully Erect Donor

    then who is next to meet?
  15. Pretty cool next round after Negan. I have only read as far as being introduced to the next one. I read the comic books by compendium, but I'm getting a bit antsy since I have no idea when Compendium 4 is coming out.