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Things in the news

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Craven Morehead, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. A bit more serious than Pointless Announcements. But not a thread for political discussion. Just discussion of today's news; some serious, some not.

    Today's entry....

    Consumer group outs 'Worst Restaurant Meal in America' - chicagotribune.com

    There's a Long John's Silvers not too far from where I live. I drove by it last week and wondered if it is still the same greasy food that I recalled from years ago. Evidently so. I've not been in one in at least 20 years. And have no intention to in the future although I do love seafood. How this chain can continue serving trans fat laden fare is puzzling, especially when the options are quite reasonable.
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    This Island Earth
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  5. snowy

    snowy so kawaii Staff Member Donor

    Oregon did it first :p Service planned to mourn geese euthanized in Bend | OregonLive.com

    Goose culls have happened elsewhere, but here we feed the geese to the homeless, unlike NYC: Why We Can't Eat Slaughtered Geese - NYTimes.com

    As someone who has frequented one of the parks in Bend where the geese were a persistent problem, I support the culling of the geese there. Seriously--after floating the river, the last thing I want to do is get out of Mirror Pond and step on a bunch of goose shit. There were parts of Drake Park where there was more goose shit than grass.
  6. grumpyolddude

    grumpyolddude Very Tilted Donor

    A groundskeeper at a local golf course spent a year in prison for shooting at the geese befouling his greens. They gave him his job back when he was released.
  7. MSD

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  8. snowy

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  9. redux

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    Foggy Bottom
    Tonight was the first lighting

    Washington Monument Cam
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  10. MSD

    MSD Very Tilted Donor

    Oh good, it looks like a cross between a Russian rocket and a bedazzled dong.
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