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Tilted Poetry.

Discussion in 'Tilted Art, Photography, Music & Literature' started by tecoyah, Sep 4, 2020.

  1. tecoyah

    tecoyah Illusionary

    A place for people to express and impress.....maybe even depress.
    --- Double Post Merged, Sep 4, 2020, Original Post Date: Sep 4, 2020 ---
    A crooked smile, it's been awhile
    Memory a decade past
    Familiar faces found in a name
    The things once done a flooded reminder
    Dawg days and Hals inflection, reminding me of Phils reflection
    Cynthetic thought evades detection
    This old place will never change while headed in a new direction.
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  2. tecoyah

    tecoyah Illusionary

    It all matters, all of it
    Breath in your freedom until it hurts
    Know who I am as yourself...knowing
    When everything matters, all of it
    There lies freedom
    Grasp the edge thats showing
    Hold on tightly to love we have, ignore the pain with scented roses
    This seldom anguish enough to scream
    He had a dream
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  3. tecoyah

    tecoyah Illusionary

    Breonna Taylor has no Jailer
    None of earthly form
    Fallen angels born of failure
    Yet angels get no scorn
    Say her name but never hear
    The ladies hateful words
    Enjoy the martyr, stoke the fear
    Lick up your rewards
    The city burned and you to blame
    No phoenix ashes hatch
    And nothing ever be the same
    You folks have spoiled the batch.
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  4. tecoyah

    tecoyah Illusionary

    I can't see the flowers, but they are there
    Nestled lightly on your cheek
    Happy dancing with your hair
    Fading blush from red of lips, from beauty in sky eyes
    Nature struggles to compare but she tries
    Cobalted ocean to your eyes
    Breeze in fields of wheat your hair
    That sunset pastel so rare
    Invisible flowers and I don't care
    When mother nature pouts it is not fair

    You put flowers in your hair.
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  5. DamnitAll

    DamnitAll Wait... what?

    Central MD
    I haven't written a poem in a really long time. I think this one was the most recent.

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  6. tecoyah

    tecoyah Illusionary

    So write one now....right now.

    Mind in flux, just a thought
    Sometimes sucks to think too hard
    Ever do you wonder
    This time I bought with credit card
    Credit gifted as hearts are lifted.
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  7. MrMD069

    MrMD069 Very Tilted Donor

    :WARNING: Dark thoughts and suicidal tendencies ahead.

    The Darkness

    The darkness swallows me whole.
    Each waking hour a nightmare just begun.
    Sleep, sleep, sleep away the day,
    If only I could.

    I picture myself happy, laughing.
    What a joke.
    Misery is what I feel.
    Misery is what I am.

    Friends, relations, co-workers,
    All say, "Snap out of it. Look what you have"
    Glass half empty, darkness all around.
    That's how I see the world.

    Tumor, faulty wired brain, lunatic, cancer
    They're all the same to me.
    Darkness covers all.
    Too much pain to see.

    "It's all in your head"
    As if I didn't know that.
    Why can't you just let me go.
    I feel death call out, "Come to me and I'll end your sorrow"

    If it only were that easy.
    The gun, pills, electricity, drowning, car crash.
    All have crossed my mind.
    Sweet release all.

    I cry out, but there's no reply.
    Abandonment, betrayal, loneliness, hurt.
    That's what my friends gave me
    Friends? Hah! Better to live with my enemies.

    Family? Comfort? None found there.
    All are out for their own good.
    Too caught up with their own problems
    No time for the crazy man.

    Darkness, darkness covers all
    And yet, here I am, caught, trapped, unable to move.
    Too many responsibilities to go.
    Too much pain to stay. I'm in limbo.
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  8. tecoyah

    tecoyah Illusionary

    A smile, in my head
    I make these thoughts but know I did
    Forcing sorrow to be dead, such is my power
    The things I do amaze myself
    The things they do amaze be too
    But not in the happy dreams desired....makes me tired
    Thus the vampires retired as if fired
    Such is my power, making joy devoured
    My thoughts defeat you