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Too Much Sperm

Discussion in 'Tilted Life and Sexuality' started by purfectpus, Mar 2, 2014.

  1. Chris Noyb

    Chris Noyb Get in, buckle up, hang on, & don't criticize.

    Large City, TX

  2. MeltedMetalGlob

    MeltedMetalGlob Weirder Than Normal Donor

    Who cares, really?
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2018
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  3. ralphie250

    ralphie250 Fully Erect Donor

    Jonesboro ga
    I have a whole new outlook on ghostbusters now
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  4. Frankie

    Frankie Getting Tilted

    New England
    Swallow faster and suck him more often. Two or three times a day should reduce the amount of sperm he shoots.
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    My kinda girl.
  5. buzzgunner

    buzzgunner 180 gr. of diplomacy

    He sounds like the male friend that my wife and I were in a threesome with, back in 1985. When he fucked her in missionary position, he would cum so long and so hard that he'd (I think) actually fill her vagina to the point that there simply wasn't enough room for both his cock and all the juice he was pumping into her. I lost count of the number of times, while watching them fuck, that he'd cum and (after 5-10 seconds) his semen would start to force its way out of my wife's pussy and around the base of his cock, because there was nowhere else for it go! Needless to say, clean-ups afterwards were very, very messy. Still, one of my wife's favorite parts of sex has always feeling her partner pulse inside her as he came; the longer and stronger, the better. Consequently, because he'd pump for so long all the time, she was always eager for a return match (so-to-speak).
  6. Lindy

    Lindy Moderator Staff Member Donor

    And what is wrong with extra mess?
    I like it when he cums a lot in several spurts. If he's been without for a while, and I 'edge' him for a bit...
    It's probably not really as much as it seem, though. I like to finish him and watch him squirt a couple of feet.
    It's kind of like a big payoff on a slot machine. Part of playing the game and how score is kept..

    I prefer not to have it in my face though, and he's not especially in to that either.
    Tit fucking combined with head with one hand around his balls...
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  7. Herculite

    Herculite Slightly Tilted

    Apparently average is a teaspoon...

    If its been a couple of days, I'm closer to two tablespoons.

    I've seen the swallow struggle, one my wife just refuses to do since she'll throw up.

    Otherwise its like *everywhere*.
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  8. steelguy71 New Member

    I would love to find a guy such as your cum cannon beau to participate in a MMF 3 way with me and my sexy petite gf. We would have hot, sticky, wet fun with him for hours. She fantasizes about being covered in fresh, hot semen and i would actually get off on watching her realize her fantasy....gonna need a personal moment thinking about this lol - i'll be back

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