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What are some good books/magazines to send to your wife in jail?

Discussion in 'Tilted Art, Photography, Music & Literature' started by D1924, Apr 27, 2017.

  1. D1924 New Member

    my wife is going to jail for the next six months for a money crime. I might a lot of flack for supporting a criminal but since she has no history of this her crime wasn't against me or our child so I am willing to stick by her. I was wondering what are some good books or magazines out that are good to send to an inmate.

    , I honestly don't read much and I was thinking maybe there were some good specific books you can send to someone in jail. She's 37 if that helps . Don't even know what books are targeted toward that age group

    The types not allowed are things inciting racial hatred, rioting, making drugs, violence or escaping from jail but that's nothing to worry about she would never read that kind of stuff anyway

    main thing I wonder if there are some good specific books or magazines for someone in jail. And also maybe what kind of books or magazines would not be a good idea
  2. Borla

    Borla Moderator Staff Member Donor

    Have you asked her what she would like to read? I'd start there.
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  3. fflowley

    fflowley Don't just do something, stand there! Donor

    What's her sex drive like? Some good masturbation material might really be appreciated.......
  4. Chris Noyb

    Chris Noyb Get in, buckle up, hang on, & don't criticize. Donor

    Large City, TX
    This ^. Most definitely this ^.
  5. *Nikki*

    *Nikki* Slightly Tilted

    Anything with current events so she can keep up with what's going on in the outside world.
  6. Lindy

    Lindy Moderator Staff Member

    What would she read if she weren't in jail?
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  7. rogue49

    rogue49 Tech Kung Fu Artist Staff Member Donor

    In jail, what wouldn't you read???

    LOTS of time on your hands...
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  8. redravin

    redravin Cynical Optimist Donor

    I worked in a bookstore.
    We shipped to jails and prisons all the time.
    There is a reason we shipped, often the institutions prefer the reading materials come from store because it means they don't have cut the damn things apart looking for contraband.
    Keep in mind that the institution will have very strict parameters as to what they will accept for reading materials.
    Content, porn and bomb throwing politics are off limits which can get tricky since they often include what is known as 'urban fiction' fiction in the porn category because of the focus on drugs and sex.
    Style, most places won't let you send hardbacks (things can be hidden in them) or even regular paperbacks (they can be used as weapons), only the large 'quality paperbacks'.
    The number of books and magazines they can have is limited as well, usually to under twelve sometimes to four or five.
    Now all of this varies depending on the institution so find out what the rules.
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