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Food What are you drinking right now?

Discussion in 'Tilted Food' started by Borla, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. Borla

    Borla Moderator Staff Member Donor

    We have all kinds of "What did you/are you eating for X" threads, I think we need a drink thread to match! *cheers*

    I am having a glass of Root 1 Cabernet Sauvignon. I've not had it before, but I'd seen it many times at my local liquor store. I finally decided to try it. It is ok, but a bit earthy for me (Root, eh? :p ). It definitely tastes better after having time to breathe a bit though.

    What about you? What are you drinking RIGHT NOW? :)
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  2. samcol

    samcol Getting Tilted

    rum and zevia cola: the safer zero calorie alternative to diet coke.

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  3. Remy

    Remy Vertical

    Dayton OH
    Hansens Diet COLA (tastes like haribo cola gummys) and Malibu, followed by decaf Earl Grey and sugarfree Vanilla syrup.
  4. [​IMG]

    I don't like this year's label, but the beer is still good.
  5. Zen

    Zen Very Tilted Donor

    Hot Water!

    Y'see, I am having a fasting blood test tomorrow, therefore, nothing before it for twelve hours. Except water. Thank goodness I like hot water

  6. Daval

    Daval Getting Tilted


    XL Regular :)
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  7. Baraka_Guru

    Baraka_Guru Möderätor Staff Member

    A North African green tea mint blend. Think of chai, but with green tea and peppermint.
  8. I'm drinking tea AND coffee right now.
  9. Operacija

    Operacija New Member

    right now, i am drinking mineral water and coffee made in a frech caffetiere. tastes like dirt.
  10. Zen

    Zen Very Tilted Donor

    Early results: Extreme Tea deficiency. Am rectifying this now.
  11. Levite

    Levite Levitical Yet Funky

    The Windy City
    At this very moment: Canfield's Diet Chocolate Fudge soda. Excellent chocolatey flavor, surprisingly refreshing. Makes incredible ice cream floats, too.

    chocolate soda.jpg

    Later on, I will be drinking this:


    This is far and away my favorite whisky: it is unbelievably smooth and delicious, bright and warm and silky-smooth flavor.
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  12. Baraka_Guru

    Baraka_Guru Möderätor Staff Member

    A cup of lapsang souchong. It's kinda like the whiskey of tea.
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  13. Borla

    Borla Moderator Staff Member Donor

    Grey Goose martini, up, with a lime.
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  14. psykosis

    psykosis Getting Tilted

    Great White North
    water. I'm dying for a good beer, but my head cold is arguing against it.
  15. Lucky Duck Shiraz.

    It's pretty good.
  16. snowy

    snowy so kawaii Staff Member Donor

    7-Up. Fighting a stomach bug.
  17. BadNick

    BadNick Getting Tilted

    PA's on U SofA
    I was in such a buttermilk mood so that's what I'm drinking. This one is Cream-O-Land buttermilk which I'd rank as well above average quality buttermilk. Cows are amazing, and they also taste good.

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  18. Giorgi Won

    Giorgi Won New Member

    Mother Earth
    Glaceau Vitamin Water.

    Sold the very moment upon reading the words "acai, blueberry and pomegranate". :)
  19. Bear Cub

    Bear Cub Goes down smooth. Donor

    My favorite light beer, and probably the healthiest thing I drink.