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What chores do you not enjoy?

Discussion in 'Tilted Life and Sexuality' started by Craven Morehead, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Thanks to CinnamonGirl's thread on chores that you like.

    Which ones do you not like?

    Cleaning the eaves. I detest doing that. Messy, on a ladder, smells, yuck. I hate it.
  2. Baraka_Guru

    Baraka_Guru Möderätor Staff Member Donor

    Frigging cat litter.

    Damn cats.....
  3. PonyPotato

    PonyPotato Very Tilted Donor

    Columbus, OH
    I'm with Baraka on the litterbox thing. It's not so bad now that I changed litter, but it's still a pain.

    Also, cleaning window blinds. I hate it. And washing floors when they really need a good scrub rather than just a quick mopping.
  4. God of Thunder

    God of Thunder New Member

    Flint. MI
    This!! A thousand times this!!

    I cook, I clean, I do dishes, take out garbage all with no gripes whatsoever. But the wife and I have been known to rock, paper scissors over this.

    Babygirl has no idea, but that will soon be one of her chores.
  5. snowy

    snowy so kawaii Staff Member Donor

    Definitely litterbox. Garbage. Laundry.

    My husband does all of those chores. Lucky me!
  6. Stan

    Stan Resident Dumbass Donor

    Tech support for every friggin' neighbor, relative, or friend of a friend that has a computer or network issue.

    I already put in 70 hr weeks. Shoveling up Newfie crap is much more enjoyable, at least I'm outside.
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  7. CinnamonGirl

    CinnamonGirl The Cheat is GROUNDED! Donor

    Nice :)

    I hate doing laundry. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate it. Eden has to bribe me into helping him fold clothes. Bleah.
  8. Bear Cub

    Bear Cub Goes down smooth.

    Dishes. I don't want anything to do with your nasty stank water.
  9. sapiens

    sapiens Vertical

    Fort Worth, TX
    Folding laundry. I don't mind the sorting and washing. I hate the pulling out of the dryer and folding. It's not as bad when I use the clothes line out back.

    Mowing the lawn, edging the yard. Raking leaves. I'm not a fan of most yard work. I like some grass for the kids to play on. Right now, I have too much grass and not enough water.
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  10. Poetry

    Poetry Totally Sharky, Complete

    Los Angeles, CA
    Sweeping. I'm terribly at it. Same with mopping floors. It's actually more effective for me to vaccuum a floor and then get on my hands and knees with a rag than it is for me to use a broom and a mop.

    Also, weeding. Fuck weeding.
  11. Zen

    Zen Very Tilted

    Paperwork and spellchecking. Both remind me how bad I am at sequencing numbers and letters.
  12. sapiens

    sapiens Vertical

    Fort Worth, TX
    When I lived in Tucson, weeding was the worst. Every plant in the yard, even the ones we wanted in the yard, wanted to kill us. Weeding was physically painful.
  13. grumpyolddude

    grumpyolddude Very Tilted Donor

    Totally! I hate, hate, hate yard work! Pave the whole yard!
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  14. Lindy

    Lindy Moderator Staff Member

    I hate mowing the lawn, and yardwork in general. Snow shoveling, too. I also hate putting away the dishes. I don't mind washing dishes, or loading the dishwasher, but I hate putting them away in the cupboard.
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  15. uncle phil

    uncle phil Moderator Emeritus (and sorely missed) Staff Member Donor

    pasco county
    unloading the dishwasher...

  16. fflowley

    fflowley Don't just do something, stand there!

    The worst in upstate NY is cleaning snow off the roof.
    Climbing a tall ladder, with either a roof rake or shovel in hand, in icy conditions is by far the stupidest, most dangerous thing that I have to do on a regular basis.
    Makes taking out the garbage or regular snow shoveling seem like a picnic.

    And to agree with above, going up the ladder to clean the eaves out is no bargain either.
  17. greywolf

    greywolf Slightly Tilted

    Grocery shopping... something about the inconsiderateness of grocery shoppers just drives my blood pressure up. Why can't they just get the hell out of my way and let me finish?
  18. ralphie250

    ralphie250 Fully Erect Donor

    Jonesboro ga
    i HATE unloading the dishwasher and folding clothes. i dont mind loading the dishwasher or the washer but i hate the end result
  19. Baraka_Guru

    Baraka_Guru Möderätor Staff Member Donor

    I HATE when people complain about unloading the dishwasher.



    But, seriously, I haven't had the luxury of a dishwashing machine for over 14 years.

    I've been washing all dishes by hand in a single sink the whole time.

    My only saving grace is that I have no kids. Gawds, could you imagine having kids and no dishwashing machine? No thank you.

    But seriously, I wouldn't complain if I had a double sink. Most apartments I've seen only have single-sink kitchens—which doesn't even make sense because they're not allowed to have dishwashing machines. At least put in a double sink for god's sake!
  20. ralphie250

    ralphie250 Fully Erect Donor

    Jonesboro ga
    it seems like i run the dishwasher 5 times a week. I also have a young un. thats proablly why.