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What Pakistan Knew About Bin Laden

Discussion in 'Tilted Philosophy, Politics, and Economics' started by redravin, Mar 20, 2014.

  1. redravin

    redravin Cynical Optimist Donor

    This is without a doubt one of the best written pieces on what happened in Pakistan concerning Bin Laden and the Taliban.

    Carlotta Gall does an amazing job of tying together many pieces that I knew and adding things that I didn't.

    She proves that Pakistan is the country most likely to cause destabilization in the region and put the Taliban back in charge of Afghanistan.
    It's a long article but well worth the read if you want a clear idea of what's going on the region and just how little we should trust Pakistan.

    I guess the real question is why are we dumping huge amounts of money into Pakistan when we know they don't have our best interests at heart?
    These people pretty much created the Taliban and want to destroy India.
    They are not our friend.

    Last edited: Mar 24, 2014