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What video games are you currently playing?

Discussion in 'Tilted Entertainment' started by Ice|Burn, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. martian

    martian Server Monkey Staff Member


    The really great thing about Cities: Skylines isn't just how deep the gameplay goes but also how it eases you into it. The one thing that Simcity was always terrible at was easing new players into the gameplay. They just kind of chucked all this complexity at you and expected you to figure it out. Cities: Skylines isn't perfect on this front but the way new features unlock as your city grows is at least a reasonable attempt.
  2. Baraka_Guru

    Baraka_Guru Möderätor Staff Member

    Is it basically Tropico for capitalist dogs?
  3. OtherSyde

    OtherSyde Slightly Tilted Donor

    San Diego, CA
    I've become obsessed with the exploration and resource-gathering game Subnautica - it's a pre-release/beta-stage survival/building game centered on you being the only survivor of an enormous intergalactic habitation ship that has mysteriously crashed on a gorgeous but dangerous and sprawling alien planet of oceans and islands. Beautiful graphics and visuals, haunting music, and the ability to build pretty much anything pretty much anywhere - it's sort of like if MineCraft had a love-child with the Far Cry series and this love-child were raised by its aunt, Ecco the Dolphin. Like I said, it's still in beta phase - but very playable - and the very enthusiastic creative team, Unknown Worlds, keeps releasing updates every month or two in the form of new creatures, habitat module upgrades, exotic biomes, new toys to build, new game mechanics, etc. Seriously hooked.

    Last edited: Apr 30, 2016
  4. snowy

    snowy so kawaii Staff Member Donor

    No, not at all. Very different styles.
  5. CinnamonGirl

    CinnamonGirl The Cheat is GROUNDED! Donor

    King's Quest: A Knight to Remember (the first chapter in the new episodic game) is free on Steam now (and XBox, too, I think.) I was originally going to wait until all chapters were released so I could play it all at once, but...FREE. So, I'm playing the first chapter now.

    I...have mixed feelings. There's no typing interface (or even the point-and-click they started using in KQ5), so exploring is limited. It's pretty obvious in most cases what you need to pick up or interact with, because that's the only option. No "pick up everything that isn't nailed down" philosophy in this one. I also wasn't fond of the "re-imagining" of the story of Graham defeating the dragon to get the Magic Mirror...I mean, it's an old dude jazzing up the story for his granddaughter, I get that, but still...felt a little overwrought. And you can't skip cutscenes even if you've already seen them :/

    On the other hand, the graphics are pretty rad (I walked back and forth for a few minutes JUST to watch Graham's cape billow.) The pun game is strong. The voice acting is mostly awesome. And I love being back in this universe...Daventry almost feels like home.
  6. martian

    martian Server Monkey Staff Member

    gog is having a The Witcher sale. I already owned 1 and 3, so I picked up 2 for $3. Now I just have to find time to actually play them.

    Guys, getting in shape and having a pregnant lady and having to work full time is leaving me with very little video game time. This is a real problem.

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  7. Strange Famous

    Strange Famous Deus Vult

    Ipswich, UK
    I really need to find something new to get into

    I've played WOW since BC and I'm just so fed up of it now, but I cannot find anything else I like. I still dip in and run BG's a bit but thats it. I never been in a guild of had any mates to play it with (which I guess helps keep your interest)

    I played Guild Wars 2 for ages but got bored. Played Skyrim through several times but hated Fallout 4 and couldnt get into the Elder Scrolls MMORPG. Tried to get into LOL but just couldnt put up with the amount of negativity and moaning from other players even at the lowest level (even in the games against bots)


    Either that or I need an actual life.
  8. CinnamonGirl

    CinnamonGirl The Cheat is GROUNDED! Donor

    Steam summer sale is coming up soon. I am super-excited, and dreading it at the same time.

    Lately, I've been playing different characters in Don't Starve. I'm not really fond of Webber or Warly (though the portable crock pot is cool.) Wolfgang & Wendy aren't bad. Willow is still my favorite.
  9. buzzgunner

    buzzgunner 180 gr. of diplomacy

    Oregon, USA
    I've been playing Fallout: New Vegas over and over, with an occasional detour into Half Life 2. I've purchased and installed Fallout 4, but can't actually play it until I upgrade my video card. :(
  10. Lucifer Slightly Tilted Donor

    The Darkside
    Eve Online. Yes, I am insane.

  11. Shadowex3

    Shadowex3 Very Tilted

    With some recent changes and the new Ascendency classes I've picked Path of Exile back up. Summoners aren't completely useless anymore, and SRS is actually a pretty damn solid build. Especially now that Mistress of Sacrifice lets Flesh and Bone offering affect your character as well as your minions.

    Ofc it also helps that two of my friends just caught up to me and we're partying through the campaign. Two level 50+ SRS summoners gets a little crazy on screen.

    Ah yes Eve Online... the graphics add-on to Excel.
  12. martian

    martian Server Monkey Staff Member


    Is this where I point out that GOG's summer sale is already underway?

    They're sure making an effort at giving Steam a run for their money. They aren't at feature parity yet but the lack of DRM gives me warm fuzzies. Most of the Steam featureset is fairly useless anyway though I do admit that in home streaming is quite nice.

    I'm currently playing The Witcher, but I just picked up Railroad Tycoon so there will be occasional detours into that in my future. I'm also eyeing Firewatch, but because we now live in a world where I consider $18 for a PC game expensive I'm having trouble talking myself into it. Best stick to the backlog for now I guess.
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  13. CinnamonGirl

    CinnamonGirl The Cheat is GROUNDED! Donor

    ....damn it.
  14. Lucifer Slightly Tilted Donor

    The Darkside
    I'd love GOG a lot more if they would come up with a release of the original Dune 2000. I mean, seriously, how hard is this to produce?
  15. rogue49

    rogue49 Tech Kung Fu Artist Staff Member Donor

    Still Civ V, the expanded edition with all the packages.
    Waiting for Civ 6 to come out in the fall :cool:
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  16. Magpie

    Magpie Getting Tilted

    Toronto Ontario
    Speaking of GOG I bought The Settlers: Rise of an Empire - Gold Edition yesterday. It's so much fun.
  17. oldtimer56

    oldtimer56 umime

    East Texas
    Downloaded a legal copy from a forgotten site. Plenty of fans out there.

    Speaking of sims games, anyone been this site: http://www.hpssims dot com/Default.ASP
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2016
  18. martian

    martian Server Monkey Staff Member


    Pick one.
  19. martian

    martian Server Monkey Staff Member

    I've been playing a lot of Splatoon lately, which is not a PC game. But when I am playing on PC it's been Half-Life 2. I finished the original and am working on Episode 1. Then I'll do Episode 2. Then I'll cry because there's never going to be another.

    I grabbed Supreme Commander in the Steam sale, but when I tried to play it I was driven off by the awful clunky UI. Apparently giant intrusive UI elements were in ca. 2007. I need to steel myself for it.

    It's also possible that there needs to be some UI tweaking happening.

    Magpie picked up Stardew Valley, and through the magic of family sharing I also have access to it. I'll probably take a crack at it at some point, if only to see what all the fuss is about.
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  20. wye

    wye Getting Tilted

    Yesterday I played through The Beginner's Guide which I bought at the end of the Steam summer sale and found it highly stimulating.

    At one point in the game, there's a messy bookshelf whose topmost book is The Orchid Thief (whose film adaptation Adaptation was actually brought to mind as I played the game earlier on) and whose bottommost book I thought was Invisible Cities (which had also come to mind previously, being a favorite of mine) until the cover was made visible when the player neatens the bookshelf and it was revealed to be another of Calvino's experimental fictions, If on a Winter's Night a Traveler.

    I was also able to recognize a copy of 1984 and Othello. I tried to find someone else online who listed these books and others as being visible on the shelf but could not.