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What/Who are you boycotting and why?

Discussion in 'Tilted Life and Sexuality' started by cynthetiq, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. cynthetiq

    cynthetiq Administrator Staff Member Donor

    New York City
    Sounds totally Scandinavian!
  2. Olympian

    Olympian Vertical

    Yes. Skåneland represent.
  3. Strange Famous

    Strange Famous it depends on who is looking...

    Ipswich, UK
    I've never had the energy to boycott something really, but seriously thinking about not renewing my NFL GamePass subscription next year. It isnt the anthem stuff - personally I think disrespecting the anthem is pretty low class but its hardly the worst thing NFL players have done or will do again. The Jax vs Pats game was so blatantly thrown by the refs (the fumble return that would have been a TD but they blew it dead was ridiculous, absolutely laughable PI call on an uncatchable pass...) - I just don't see the point in watching a game that isn't fair. I'n not saying I might not watch some Jets games on stream and probably will get excited again for the new season, but I am not going to pay the NFL.
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  4. DamnitAll

    DamnitAll Wait... what?

    Central MD
    I generally don't shop at Wal Mart if I don't have to. I've never set foot in a Hobby Lobby or a Salvation Army store and don't ever intend to, nor will I donate to the Salvation Army kettles during the holidays.

    I informally boycott oil, gas, and petroleum companies as best I can by limiting my driving, riding my bike instead, and cutting my consumption of disposable plastic goods. It pains me to know that plastics recycling isn't as effective as advertised, but I do it anyway.
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  5. fflowley

    fflowley Don't just do something, stand there! Donor

    I'm doing a lot less business with Amazon.
    They sell a lot of counterfeit product and they decimate local economies.
    I'm not up to boycott yet, but I would say I order 90% less than I used to.
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  6. cynthetiq

    cynthetiq Administrator Staff Member Donor

    New York City
    I've been trying to figure out how to do that without having to set foot outside of the apartment.
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