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Words from the Mahatma

Discussion in 'Tilted Philosophy, Politics, and Economics' started by bow35, Jan 2, 2012.



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  1. bow35

    bow35 Vertical


    Mantra nr. 1:
    Thinking has no words.
    Mantra nr. 2a:
    Balance is when right is wrong.
    Mantra nr. 2b:
    Balance is when wrong is right.

    Excersise nr 1.
    "Mantra" is a mantra.

    Mantra nr 1.
    Thinking has no words.

    Women THINK,
    because the are wise.
    Men DO,
    because they are brave.
    Woodoo wisdom is when belsebub is king.
    Lord of lords.
    Conquering lion os Africa

    It's not what you do,
    it's how you do it.
    What is the spell,
    and how is the dancer.
    There is no spirit or magic.


    What is wisdom
    to senses.
    Dja guide.
    or not.
    I and I
    I have inspiration.
    and self
    is the answer.

    For what, I don't know

    It affects me.
    but I'm not.
    An illussion that I'm moving?
    And the handwriting
    reminds of you
    Ras Babi.
    I simply don't know.
    Living with just affection
    but no life.
    Makes me wonder this time.
    I can't resist.
    But again,
  2. bow35

    bow35 Vertical

    I know

    Wise man
    don't belive in God.
    And he knows
    to accept reality.
    or unlucky
    I and I aswell
    It just happens
    it's not me
    It just happens to me
    It doesn't affect me
    'cause I'm tuff
    So guide
    and protect me.
  3. Canthook

    Canthook Vertical

    Tucson, AZ



    In the face of overwhelming voltage, resistance is futile.
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  4. bow35

    bow35 Vertical

    Suddenly I discover

    Now that I'm cool
    about my paranoia
    my inner discussion, of the opposite,
    woodoo wisdom
  5. bow35

    bow35 Vertical

    Dja guide.

    Inspiration move I
    even if I don't know what I is doing.
    If so,
    it's called intuition.
    Good or baad.
  6. bow35

    bow35 Vertical

    Breaking the devilstone

    The star of David spreads future foreward
    and past backward.
    is the intersection
    of the two.

    Spirit dancer
    breaks the star of Juda
    and moves
    in any direction.
  7. bow35

    bow35 Vertical

    Two assumptions:

    Creation is not I alone.
    Creation is spread THRUE I.
  8. Joniemack

    Joniemack Beta brainwaves in session

    Reading, UK
    Maybe you could create a blog for your mantric meanderings bow?

    The spelling errors are jarring, btw.
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  9. bow35

    bow35 Vertical

    Done that. (Blog)
    Myself I enjoy your language.
    I was laughing for myself when I got it. "mantric meanderings"
    Well put!
    --- merged: Jan 14, 2012 8:30 PM ---
    When the devil is stong I write
  10. the_jazz

    the_jazz Accused old lady puncher

    -+-{Important TFP Staff Message}-+-
    Yes, I think this thread is done. If you want to continue with this experiment, your blog is the right place.
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