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  2. bigdaddy19 New Member

    Wow, great photos! Amazing stuff
  3. Zweiblumen

    Zweiblumen Slightly Tilted

    Great photos, one of the reasons for them looking good is the fact the film is 4" x 5" where as full frame DSLR like Canon EOS 5D has a sensor that is only 36 x 24 mm (that's a full frame for a 135 mm film) and most digital cameras have much smaller sensors. A film of that size can enlarged to huge sizes, it also means that all digital pictures are enlarged just to make them visible.
    A Kodachrome 36 x 24 mm transparency is equivalent to 20 megapixel so the digital world is catching up with the films that were manufactured about 60 years ago :p
  4. bobby

    bobby More Than Slightly Tilted ! Donor

    USS Pinola My dad, a Pearl Harbor survivor, spent the the first half of WWII on it. A sea going tug and repair ship.
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  5. bobby

    bobby More Than Slightly Tilted ! Donor

    pearl harbor 1941.jpg An honor flight 065.jpg

    My folks when I took them to Washington DC on an Honor Flight.
    Both where Pearl Harbor survivors. They lived on Ford Island in the middle of Pearl Harbor!
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